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WITNESS #48: Meredith Quinene - Harker Heights, TX

Physician assistant at the SRP on Nov. 5th. "I heard some noise but I wasn't registering what they were."

She says she heard the sound of gunfire get closer and closer.

WITNESS #47: Sgt. 1st class Maria Guerra (video conference from Michigan)

Non-commissioned officer in charge of medical department of SRP.

Walked by station 13 at 1:10PM. Saw Major. Hasan sitting in one of the chairs.

"I recognized him for the fact that I was in the office with Maj. Parish because he did not want to get his small pox vaccine. He was brought back to talk with Maj. Parish. He was in her office and left after 10 minutes." (she was in the office with both of them).

After she walked by Maj. Hasan she went to station 10 and went into her office and closed the door behind her. "When I closed the door, Sgt. Archuleta was at her desk … as i was about to sit down, that 's when I heard a loud yell, somebody shouted and that's what sprung me up from my chair."

"I said 'what's going on? Who is yelling in my building?' Then heard the first shot … it was four shots."

"I immediately yelled … 'get down, get down' …. then I started hearing a lot of screams … I quickly moved to the door and opened it and when I opened it it was chaos. Soldiers and civilians were running, running and screaming … and all I could hear was rapid fire."

She says she saw the shooter.

"He's a bout 5'9", 5'10", very short hair, almost balding … he had both hands on weapons and he was shooting into a crowd at station 13."

Didn't recognize the shooter at that time. Just saw his side profile. "I was watching the soldiers being shot."

"The weapon appeared to be a 9mm … it was much thicker than a 9mil."

"I seen him reload three times before he started walking my way. I had to retreat back into my office."

"He was coming down with his right hand and coming up with his magazine … he reloaded so quickly, very efficiently."

"We did not make eye contact … I did recognize him as the officer who was sitting in my office …"

She was advising her colleagues to stay down under the desk.

"I heard a lot of screaming, I heard a lot of chairs … I heard a lot of 'move, move, run, run' and very distinctly I heard a female yell, 'please don't, please don't, my baby, my baby.' Then I heard shots, then it was quiet."

When I opened the door, it was dark, the lights were turned off. It was the smoke that was so thick and all you can smell was the gunfire."

"I saw bodies all over the floor and no one was moving. I also saw Mr. Cahill who was on his back and his eyes were open. So I ran out as close as I can to where the first body was and yelled out is 'everybody okay?' Then you started hearing, 'help me, help me, I'm shot, I'm shot … and soldiers started moving. I just yelled, 'I'll get help, i'll get help!'"

Still heard shots in the rear of the building. Told people to get out of the building. People then started running out the door. "Then I could hear the shots, he was coming back, coming closer."

She says she then yelled "mass cow, mass cow … nurses and medics, we have soldiers down, we have soldiers bleeding, let's go, let's go."

Continued to hear shots fired. Setting up triage.

"I heard shooter down, shooter down and I listened and I heard no more shots. She then started yelling, "they got the shooter, shooter's down, let's go, let's go, triage, triage."

"That mother * was wearing a badge, he was wearing a badge!"

"First I came to Mr. Cahill and I listened to his pulse … he was so purple and his eyes were rolled, I knew he was gone."

"If they're dead, you have to move on, you have to move on," she remembers telling the nurses.

She says they then began marking people's forehead with a marker. "If their foreheads are marked, that's means their gone."

"Use your belts, use your belts." - to apply pressure.

Went to Staff Sgt. Krueger … "her eyes were opened and she was gasping for air … she died in a blink so I was trying to find where she was shot . I turned her around, I felt her arm, there was no blood, I turned her back around and that's when I found a small hole on her back. When I turned her back around she was no longer gasping, she was gone. So I moved on."

She recalls a soldier telling her the following: "Tell my family i love them, I'm not going to make it, I'm not going to make it."

"If they have a blue chuck over their head, move on, their gone." Placed chuck over Mr. Cahill and Staff Sgt. Krueger.

She says she stayed in the building until the officers came in.

"There was just bodies everywhere but there were soldiers and civilians tending to them."

I saw the shooter on the ground, he didn't have a shirt. She says people were made because EMT's were tending to the shooter and he was not handcuffed.

"All I did was stand there and watch him," she says. "He was lying there with his eyes closed and no shirt on."

WITNESS #46: Staff Sgt. Helen Kennedy

Kennedy was at the medical SRP site, working as a patient administrator - gave soldiers their immunizations.

"I heard a pop, pop, pop. Excuse my language, I said, 'what the f**k?'"

She says she went to the back of the building … pushing people underneath the desk. Remembers Jessica Wagner and Shemaka Hairston under the desk. She heard Shemaka on the phone with 9-1-1.

"I knew it was gunfire but it didn't make sense …"

Starts sobbing in court. "He was in ACU's"

Said she saw the soldier's face. "I heard gunfire and a soldier fall…( puts hand over chest )… then I heard shots again." The soldier standing in front of her fell to the ground. She grabs tissue.

"I was trying to get out there to help him but the girls underneath me were grabbing me."

After the shooting, she says she was trying to find that soldier's wounds … but he was already dead. "He's gone," she said.

"I was tripping over blood and bullets … it was just so dark … I couldn't see anything, it was so dark in there."

She then renders aid to another soldier "Krueger … her buddy started screaming her name. (breaks down in tears )… I was working on her and she was still breathing. They had elevated her feet to the chair… I was talking to her. She was still breathing." She says there was blood everywhere and she couldn't tell where were her wounds. "There was a bullet on her left hip … at about the same time she started vomiting." They rolled her over to get the vomit out of her mouth. They couldn't get her airways cleared. The EMT came in and tells her, 'I need suction, I need suction.' They tell her she's not expected to live but she continues to clear her airway. "She died."

"I'm sorry there's nothing else we can do," she remembers telling her friend.

WITNESS #45: Sgt. 1st class (Ret.) Ingar Campbell, Killeen, TX

Worked at SRP medical processing center as a case manager.

"While waiting on a patient, I immediately hear gunfire."

She hears a soldier say, 'I think this is an exercise.' She tells everyone to hit the floor, "everyone just started screaming and running, it was complete chaos."

She then walks back into her office and closes the door. Hears gunfire and agony while inside.

She said there were so many emotions she went through on that day. "I see bodies on the floor, I saw blood in the case management office."

She tried to get into the refrigerator that was in her office. Then heard "all clear."

Proceeds out of her office and locks the door from the inside. She says she sees police officers in the area.

Sees Staff. Sgt. DeCrow on the floor and gives him aid. He was bleeding from his mouth. "I believe he died in my arms," she said.

WITNESS 44: Shemaka L. Hairston, Harker Heights, TX

Worked at SRP on Ft. Hood Nov. 5th, 2009 as a nurse; gave immunizations at Station 12.

"I heard a loud, like someone screaming … to me it sounded like an allah …"

"Then I heard what sounded like firecrackers. Then I tried to peer over the partition but it was too high and I couldn't see anything … I saw a lot of smoke and smell, it smelled like ammunition … it smelled like you were at a shooting range."

Took cover with several people at Station 12; hid under the desk. She says she was in a state of shock. She made a 9-1-1 call while she was under the desk.


Hairston: "shooting at fort hood site …"
Dispatcher: "ma'm get down low ma'm … just stay on the ground."
You hear loud screams … sobbing.
You hear loud gunshots … continual fire. Hairston holds her head down while listening to the tape.
You hear her breathing loudly over the phone.
Dispatcher: "Is he still there? … Ma'm, I need you to calm down…. get down, stay down."
You hear screams in the background.
Dispatcher: "Is the shooter still there?"
Hairston: "I don't know … there are 2 people down."
Hairston: "A soldier just started shooting … we don't know who he is … some guy with a weapon just started randomly shooting."

She wipes tears away.

"It sounded like the gunfire was getting closer … it started getting louder … footsteps as well."

She says soldiers were hiding with her under the desk. "Two of them didn't make it … they died."

She never saw the shooter but did hear a yell before the shooting.


WITNESS 43: Sgt. Nathan Hewitt (video conference) INJURED

Seated at station 13 on Nov. 5th. He says he was watching the TV while waiting to see a medical provider.

"I heard a scream, 'Allahu Akbar,' then I heard popping noises and that was gunshots going off. At that time I got on the ground and tried to take cover that I could hopefully get out of there."

He says he tried to get behind a cubicle to take cover: "I was on the ground and I tried to scramble the best I could …. "

As he tried to make his way to the hallway he still heard gunfire. Says he took cover in the cubicle in the back hallway. "I could hear the noises of the gunfire moving … but could not tell specifically tell where (shooter) was."

He says he tried to make it out of the building when he didn't hear anymore shooting. Made run to the front door. He says he was able to make it out but was injured.

Was shot on left leg while he was trying to take cover at station 13.

Defense brings up inconsistencies with a sworn statement Hewitt gave to an investigation where he said he didn't hear anyone yell Allahu Akbar.

WITNESS 42: Theodore Coukoulis - Killeen, TX

Employed at Fort Hood's SRP site since March of 2005. He was working at the SRP on Nov. 5, 2009 as a lab technician giving immunization shots.

He recalls having a dispute with Maj. Hasan a week before the incident. "It was a week prior to the events of November, I had a psychiatrist in the name of Major Hasan who was not clear if he had a flu shot … he needed to get small pox." There was confusion with his immunization record … " he was being very uncooperative… " he refused to take his shot.

"At 1:15PM I heard a shout at the front of the building … just heard shouting." Heard shooter yell something but didn't understand what was said.

(Circuit court TV feed is interrupted for 5 minutes)

"He fired into the group in the chairs."

"I don't know if he was pointing the gun at my direction or at me."

He said he started treating patients. "The floor was slippery from the blood … the blood loss was so, so heavy … the blood was splashing on me and on my eyes."

He says blood was being physically thrown at him for all his efforts to save people.

Coukoulis says he cooperated with the initial investigation.

Said he didn't care much for Major Parish.

Pohl: "What's the relevance with the witness' relationship with Major Parish?"

Galligan: "His relationship with Major Parish is relevant."

WITNESS 41: Staff Sgt. Michael Davis

David was checking on his deployment status at the SRP site on Nov. 5th; he was going through regular SRP process.

Says he was at station 13 to receive anthrax booster. "I sat down at shot section and I was about to get my shot and there was a loud bang," he said. He then heard continuous popping sound.

"When I heard it I thought it was a drill, some sort of exercise." He looked at the nurse and asked her what was going on … she said she didn't know.

"I heard a woman screaming, 'my baby, my baby, my baby' over and over again, I stood up from my chair … I saw what looked like somebody get hit, saw a flash of blood."

"There were people getting shot, there were people shooting, told her (the nurse) to go the other direction."

Davis says he then dove into a cubicle before he got shot.

"The rate of fire was pretty much constant shooting … when I initially heard it it sounded like an M16."

"I heard somebody shout, 'go, go, he's loading, he's loading."

Davis says the the gunfire was coming from station 13.

"I looked to the guy and said, 'let's go, lets go.'" Davis got shot on the back as he was making his way out. Hits the ground and starts yelling. He was told to keep quite and lay dead or he would call the shooter's attention.

"There was a lot of blood, a lot of smoke, smelled like gunpowder, the chairs were overturned and there were bodies everywhere," he said.

Davis suffered one gunshot wound to his left shoulder blade; still has bullet in him. Told by doctors it would cause more damage if they remove it.

WITNESS #40: Ms. Kimberly Huseman - Ft. Hood, Texas

Employed by Department of Justice as registered nurse at the SRP site; tending to administrative duties on Nov. 5th, 2009.

She says she was sending emails in her office when she heard a loud voice scream really loud and just started hearing "pop pop pop."

She says a sergeant barricaded herself in the office, her back to the door.

She got under the table and called 911; was connected for 8 minutes.

Started treating the wounded after the 911 call.

They play exhibit 27: 911 tape.

You can hear a lot of chaos, commotion in the background.

Operator: "We're getting help on the way out."

You hear loud breathing, screams, confusion noises.

She yells, "oh my god, people are shot … oh god."

During the tape she is sitting quietly with her head low.

"We're inside the building … oh my god, there are about 15 down, probably more than that … oh my god," she screams.

You can hear people shouting for help, asking where the shooter is at.

"I don't know who he is … he's wearing ACU's."

"He has an ID card … oh my god" - loud screams in the background.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!"

"Shooter is down, shooter is down … I don't know but I have to help these people."

"We have people that are dead, mam, we have people that are dead … we're in the building trying to take care of everybody." - She asks for assistance.

Wipes tears away.

"You have at least 10 or more that are injured," she tells the operator.

"When I first came out the door I first say …. at some point I did run to him and checked his pulse, he was cold."

She then sees Dr. Cahill. "He was close to the front entrance of the building … I saw him leaning face up and he was purple blue," she says while grabbing tissue.

She says there were about 30 civilians working at the SRP on that day.

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