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12:47 p.m. Judge denies the motion and court is recessed until Tuesday at 830 a.m.

12:42 p.m. Judge Strother hears a defense motion to hire an expert that the defense says contacted them. There is some talk because the expert has appeared to offer a commentary with a member of the local media. Judge Strother denies the motion to bring the expert in from Pennsylvania. The judge says he doesn't want to bring in an expert that is testifying for the news media, but that he will consider a different motion.

12:37 p.m. Judge hears some defense motions outside the presence of the jury.

12:34 p.m. Judge Ralph Strother recesses until Tuesday morning.

12:30 p.m. Sigler said the fact that Baker was in the store with a blond woman caught her attention. Sigler testified that she saw Matt and the blond woman made their way to the engagement ring section. Sigler said the woman kept asking Matt what he thought of the rings, and he said that it didn't matter what he liked, she would be the one wearing it.

12:30 p.m. Heather Sigler says after April 8th, around the weekend of April 21st of 2006, Matt Baker came into the store with a blond woman who had a baby in a car seat, and two little girls. Sigler said that she had not seen the blond woman before and had no idea that Kari was deceased at that time.

12:28 p.m. Heather Sigler takes the stand. She says in 2006 she was working at Kay's Jewelers in the Richland Mall. Sigler says that she knew Matt and Kari Lynn Baker briefly, while attending a church where Matt was preaching. Sigler says she saw Kari and Matt in a jewelry store at the end of March of 2006.

12:21 p.m. Matt Baker is drawing a diagram of the bedroom, he then describes how he moves Kari's body off the bed and onto the floor. On the tape Johnston is asking Matt exactly how he moved her, and Matt gives a detailed account.

Morning Recap:

Before noon, jurors heard from Linda Dulin, Kari Lynn's mother. On the stand, Dulin testified in the weeks before her death, Kari Lynn confided that she was having martial problems and that she may need to leave Matt. Dulin says Kari seemed stressed, so she gave her an anti-anxiety pill. Dulin said that after Kari died, she wanted to wait to bury her so her family could have more time to get to Waco, but that Matt insisted on burying her right away, and she was buried on that Monday. Dulin said even though her sisters were suspicious, she didn't want to believe that Matt had anything to do with Kari's death. Dulin said even in the weeks after Kari's death, she didn't want to believe it. Dulin said one day she called AT&T and they instructed her she could check her phone records on line. Dulin testified that she went online and saw a bunch of calls to Kari's phone that started about 10 days after Kari's death.

12:19 p.m. Matt describes moving Kari to the floor. He says he moved her because he is trained in CPR and knows that you need a hard surface before you start CPR.

12:14 p.m. The deposition tape is still playing. On the tape, Matt describes coming home from the movie store that night, walking into the house, and finding Kari Lynn laying naked on his side of the bed. He describes trying to dress her as he calls 9-1-1.

12:09 p.m. Jurors are shown a video taken from the civil deposition of Matt Baker. In the interview, Bill Johnston, hired by Kari Lynn's parents as part of a wrongful death suit, asks Matt about the suicide note. During the taping, Matt says that he tried to figure out what printer was used to print the suicide note. He says he logged onto the home computer to try and see what time the letter may have printed, so that if it was during the time he was gone, police would know. He said he did this with his mom a few days after Kari's death.

9:50 a.m.
The court called a short recess.

9:45 a.m.
Christina Salazar, Waco center For Youth employee and former co-worker of Baker, was the fourth witness called to the stand.

Salazar testified to Baker's demeanor when he returned to work following Kari's death.

Matt was different. The style of his hair and clothing had changed and he was more concerned with his appearance.

Salazar said she was working on June 19, 2006, a holiday, and could hear someone unlocking and walking around inside Baker's office.

When asked about any conversions held with Baker following Kari's death, Salazar responded that Baker admitted to being in the office on the day in question.

Salazar also said that Baker told her Kari had left a typed, unsigned suicide note prior to her death and that following her death he discarded his home computer.

Salazar testified that Baker told her that he did not know about the suicide note until after it was found by authorities, a notable contradiction to previous testimony, given by Kupiszewski, that Baker said he had found the note.

Salazar testified that Baker told her he felt as if a "black cloud" had lifted from his family following Kari's death.

Salazar testified that Baker questioned her in general about life insurance policies.

9:33 a.m. (FIRST UPDATE by News 10 Producer Sean Clark-Weis)
Dennis Edwards, the director of quality management at Waco Center for Youth, was the third witness called to the stand.

Edwards, who had a work history with Baker, talked about Baker's office in relation to Corbin's office:

Baker's office was room 129, Corbin's was 128, they were next door. As the director, Edwards should have a key to all doors in the center, but when Baker resigned, no one's office key would open Baker's door expect Baker's key. That is when they realized that someone had changed the lock.

Asked Edwards if he called Baker after his wife died, asked him how Baker sounded, Edwards said Baker sounded verbally bright and that he was joking around. Baker jokingly said he though Edwards was the pizza guy.

There was a computer missing at WCY in Corbin's office (128). The computer that had been in Corbin's office, was really in Baker's office, and Baker's office computer was actually the one missing.


Michelle Kupiszewski, one of Kari's co-workers and also Baker's daughter's 3rd grade teacher, was the second witness called to the stand.

Kupiszewski testified to a story Matt told her while at Wal-Mart after Kari's death:

Kupiszewski said Baker told her that Kari wasn't feeling well when he went to run errands, when he got home their bedroom door was locked, so he went and got a screw driver, unlocked it, went in and found Kari in a fetal position.

Kari had 'soiled herself' and she had foam coming out of her mouth.
Matt said he found a suicide note and the medicine then went to check on his daughters and determined they were fine.

Kupiszewski also said that Matt told her that he and Kari were more like friends than husband and wife at that point.

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