Hasan Hearing Blog Tuesday Oct. 21,2010


Defense is still not sure if it will present witness testimony.
Col. Pohl gives the defense a delay but tells them, "the world does not revolve around your schedule."
Defense wants to wait for mental evaluation …


WITNESS #56: Spc. William Gilbert

Was on active duty from April of 2005 to June 2010.

Started buying guns from Guns Galore when he turned 21. Says he would into the store at least once a month. Had a run in with Hasan at Guns Galore.

"Gentleman walked in who was in ACU's, rank of major …"

"He (Hasan) asked the question, 'what' s the most technologically advanced handgun on the market?'"

Identifies having the conversation with accused shooter.

Says he showed Hasan how the weapon functions.

Asked Hasan, "what's your intended purpose?" Hasan never answered the question.

Says Hasan just had two specifications, wanted the most technologically advance handgun in the market and magazine capacity.

Says the weapon is easy to fire with one hand.

WITNESS #55: Mr. John Choats - Harker Heights, TX

Gun instructor at Stan's Shooting Range.

Taught a concealed handgun class on Oct 10th. Maj. Hasan was in the class. He was in the class with 5 others.

Says Hasan showed up with a revolver.

He gave Hasan paperwork that would allow him to apply for a concealed handgun.

Says he sees that person in the courtroom. Points to Major Hasan.

"He (Hasan) came in about once or twice every week." He completed tge concealed handgun coarse.

"We engaged in long-range shooting with a pistol … I thought he was getting pretty good" - it was 100 yard range.

Says Hasan was putting bullets on the chest and head of silhouette targets.

Last time he saw Hasan at the range was a week before Nov. 5th.

"He showed me the weapon, offered to let me use it … it felt good cus I knew I was going to buy one …"

WITNESS #54: Mr. Fredrick Thomas Brannon - Killeen, TX

Worked at Guns Galore before the Nov. 5th shooting. They focus on the sale of gun merchandise. He was responsible for selling weapons to customers.

He talks about the requirements needed for someone to purchase a gun. They need to establish they're a resident of the state of Texas. They then have to fill out a background check form. They contact the FBI to do the background check. It can take as little as 2 - 3 minutes to as many as 3 working days to get approved.

Prosecution pulls out the form Nidal Malik Hasan had filled out - dated the 1st of August 2009. He had applied for a FN Five-seven

Hasan provided his military ID card at the time. Brannon says he interacted with Maj. Hasan when he purchased the pistol.

"On the first day he was in the store, he made an interesting request … Maj. Hasan requested the most high-tech handgun we had." Hasan has this conversation with the store manager.

The store manager came up with the name of the FN Five-seven pistol.

On August 1st: Hasan had questions about the gun at that time. "He wanted to know everything there was to know … how do you work it, what does it come with." He showed him the features of the gun.

"Anything that we showed him, as far as loading … he recorded it on his cell phone."

The show video of Hasan getting briefed on how to use the weapon.
Brannon is heard telling Hasan about the features of the pistol …. showed him how to load weapon.

The weapon was sold to Hasan on August 1st. They also sold him extensions for magazines.

Brannon says they don't sell the green lasers that attach to the pistol frequently. "It's an accessory but it cost quite a lot."

Says he would see Hasan every week "making purchases." Usually ammunition, magazines with the extensions.

"As he purchased additional magazines, he bought more ammunition … it seemed like quite a few."

Hasan told him that he would load the magazines while watching TV and at the gun range.

"That round was perhaps a bit too dangerous because of it's penetration ability."

A blue tip of bullets is 23 dollars for a box of 50. "He started off with 4 or 5 boxes per visit but it grew to 6 or 8 as he bought more magazines."

Brannon asked to identify Hasan in court. He correctly identified Hasan as the person who made those purchases.

At the time he didn't think there was anything unusual with Hasan's purchases.

Hasan purchased the lasers separately and had them mount it on the pistol.

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