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WITNESS #53: Maj. Steven Richter (video conference from South Korea)

Medical service corps. He was in charge of SRP complex at Fort Hood; had office in building 42,004.

"Doing my rounds … doing a head count … went in, walked around…saw people running towards the doors. People were saying there were shots coming from the medical SRP area."

"I heard repeated gunfire, it seemed to be like it were 4, 5 shots, then a few seconds delay…. it was sporadic gunfire."

He says he was trying to identify exactly where the gunman was at the time.

"A soldier appeared between the building and he ran out of the buildings … he had been shot on the shoulder."

Richter took cover behind a white van in the parking area. He called hsi immediate supervisor and told him there was a lot of gunfire going on in SRP site.

"The shooter appeared between the buildings … firing upon a soldier tripping in the grass. He (the shooter) turned to my direction, the gun was elevated at my direction, I witnessed a red light that was directly on me…"

"I tried to get better cover behind the vehicle."

"A female white officer assumed a position and she fired off a couple rounds and at that point … he (the shooter) turned on her and began firing on her."

"He fired on her … I guess 2 or 3 times. She sat there… he was above her … he was reloading his weapon. sShe sat there, looked up at him hopelessly. It appeared to me she was defenseless … she was very alert, looking up at him … he just stood above her, shot a couple more rounds, turned and started to walk toward my direction again."

He is asked to describe the shooter: "White male, bald, 5'10", he appeared to be a little overweight."

"It was evident to me that he was traveling on my direction. That's when the black police officer shot at the shooter, the shooter turned (there was gun exchange), the shooter fell to the ground."

"At that time, without hesitation, when he fell … I sprinted toward police officer, grabbed gun and assumed position 5 ft. away from shooter."

"My thought was there was a second gunman out there. " He thought he needed to grab a gun and assume position to engage a second gunman. "My instinct was that there was a second gunman because of the rate of fire … the rate of fire, the volume of fire. There was just a lot of chaos."

He thought there were multiple shooters but didn't hear any more gunfire after the shooter was down.

He says he got a good look at shooter … had rank of major. He remembers telling an officer, 'this is one of us.'

Richter pulled up Hasan's blouse and lifted his shirt. He says he saw wounds on chest.


WITNESS #52: Special Agent Kelly Jameson, CID - lead investigator in the case

General Crimes for Fort Hood CID office.

Responded to SRP site on Nov. 5th. His office photographed the scene for evidence.

65 5.7 shell casings found on site.

MagazineS recovered: 6
Two magazines were 20 round and four of them were 30 round magazines - a total 160 rounds.

Jameson identified the remains of the deceased; 8 people pronounced dead at the scene. He identified the bodies by their dog tags or ID cards.
1. Staff Sgt. Justin Decrow
2. Spc. Jason Hung
3. Sgt. Amy Krueger
4. Captain Russell Seager
5. Private Kham Xiong
6. Specialist Frederick Greene
7. Mike Cahill
8. Pfc. Aaron Nemelka
9. Major Caraveo

4 other individuals taken to hospital, they died later.

10. Capt. John Gaffaney
11. Pvt. Francheska Velez
12. Lt. Col. Juanita Warman
13. Pfc. Michael Pearson

They did autopsies. Chief of pathology produced executive summary.

Pfc. Aviles says he video taped the crime-scene. He filmed one of the wounded inside the sports zone. They examined his phone, it was blank.

"No carnage" was seen on Aviles' phone.

There was a graduation ceremony taking place at the time of shooting. Photographer Bennet started taking pictures of the incident. He surrounded his photos as evidence.

They show those photos in court.

In one of the pictures, Jameson sees Maj. Hasan walking in front of building 42007.

Says Allahu Akbar means "god is great!"

WITNESS #51: Special Agent Duane Mitchell - Harker Heights, TX

In charge of CID - Criminal Investigation Division - on Fort Hood. Arrived at SRP site where Major Hasan was laying on the ground.

Says the crime scene was not secure at that point. "People were still trying to be evacuated, there were still people wounded."

Mitchell says he saw the shooter on Nov. 5th. The office collected his weapons as evidence.

He is shown images of the weapons confiscated from the shooter. He identifies them as magazines.

"I counted 177 rounds" … that had not been fired.

There were a total of 3 magazines collected, 3 were empty.

"Two laser sites were fixed to the actual weapon … that was the weapon I observed that was laying next to Maj. Hasan on that day."

He says he was able to determine the green light was more optimal in bright conditions … the green laser requires more energy to operate.

There was a car registered to Maj. Hasan in the parking lot. His office obtained a search warrant to search Hasan's car. "That was the vehicle registered to Maj. Hasan and it was parked in the structure."

Mitchell supervised search of Hasan's vehicle on Nov. 5th. "We had found 2 receipts inside the vehicle, one was from Lowe's and one was from Radio Shack for watch-type batteries (used to operate laser lights)."

They determined the batteries that were purchase fit the red and green lasers on Hasan's weapon.

Lowe's receipt dated November 2.

Radio Shack's receipt dated November 3.

65 shell cases found.

WITNESS #50: Sgt. Mark Todd, Fort Hood DES - Killeen, TX

Fort Hood police officer since October 2007 (Department of Emergency Services. Retired from Army.

Received call: "Shots fired at Fort Hood."

audio doesn't come on - only video

Todd says he was a heading toward the scene of the incident.

Arrived at SRP site. "There were some bystanders pulling me in the direction where the individual was … was standing with a pisto.l"

Remembers seeing the red laser site … shooter fires at Todd, so he takes cover. "Dozens of shots are fired," he said.

Exchanges gunfire with shooter.

Todd ays he challenges the shooter: "Halt, military police, drip your weapon," he yells. The shooter then raises his arm and fires.

"He draws his weapon." Todd sees laser site and shooter fires at him.

Todd takes cover by going to north direction of parking lot.

Munley takes cover at southern end of the building. "I see officer Munley laying down …."

He says the shooter came back his way. "I just heard echoes of shots and different types of shots … echos and shots."

Then sees shooter by the telephone pole.

"I challenge him again and he pointed at him, he fired rounds at me and then we exchanged fire."

Todd says he fired five rounds. He hit the shooter then rushed him …kicked weapon out of hands. He then flips him over and removes magazines and other contents out of his pockets.

"I tried to move him and tried to get the weapons away from him as far as possible." Todd then checks the shooter's vitals. Paramedics then come to assist the shooter.

Todd says he left shooter handcuffed with the paramedics and moved on to assist other victims.

Prosecution shows pictures of "the subject and various items removed from (shooter's) pockets."

"These are magazines from the initial pistol and that's a revolver and a cell phone … the initial pistol and another revolver in his cargo," he says. The pistol was a semi-automatic.

"This is the weapon that he fired at me with."

Todd says the shooter began firing at the officers first.

WITNESS #49: Officer Kimberly Munley, Harker Heights, Texas

Working at the DES - Director of Emergency Services for Fort Hood on Nov. 5th, 2009.

She was washing her patrol car when she heard that there were shots fired on her hand-held radio. "I got on my patrol car and proceeded on that direction," she says.

The pistol she had with her was a Beretta M9

Was driving towards SRP site … "I got close by could see individuals' pointing toward the direction I should turn."

She was not given any description of the shooter at the time. Individuals in ACU's were pointing her to SRP medical clinic as the site of the shooting.

You hear loud sirens; hear the sound of her engine as she tries to get to the location of the shooting.
Dispatcher: "the shooter is inside 42003"
Gets to location… hear loud screams …. someone sobbing, shouts for help … hear loud gunshots …. more gunshots … six more continual gunshots … people yelling.
Munley: "Two officers down sir."

Parks next to another patrol car. A soldier came to her while she pulled to the SRP site. "I get out of my patrol car and …. run to building."

"That's when I realized that my partner was to my left … we observed an individual in ACU's with a weapon."

She had her pistol drawn. "I'm trying to get an accurate shot."

"There were several individuals running behind the individual with the weapon and didn't want them in the line of fire."

"The individual with the weapon retreated behind the building … the east of the building."

"I proceeded to the southwest side of the building … took a chrome position"

The shooter began shooting in her direction. She says she returned fire at that point.

"After I don't know how many shots were fired, the individual …"

"When I ducked back around the corner I realized I was closing in on him ..."

"He was shooting and I was returning fire." She gets hit on the hand and then on the knee. She is taken down.

"He continues to fire … and I can't return fire … my weapon malfunctioned … I tried to pull the trigger." She says she knew she was not out of rounds.

"I was trying to fix it on the ground and the shooter comes and kicks my weapon out of my hand."

She says the shooter struggles with his weapon and then leaves to walk to a different direction.

Shooter fired on Sgt. Todd a couple times after directed to put down his weapon.

She looks at Hasan in the courtroom, gets up and identifies him as the shooter.

She was shot three times. Needed to get knee replacement surgery. She was in the hospital for 11 days.

She believes she struck him four times with her pistol but not sure how many of her shells may have hit the shooter. Other people were also firing at the shooter. Does not recall how many shots were fired.

She saw individual lying on the ground. Didn't issue any verbal commands. Sgt. Todd issued verbal commands to the shooter on 2 separate occasions. Told shooter to drop the weapon.

"He had no expression, he had a determined look on his face, if I recall correctly."

Did not see shooter fall with any of the shots she fired at him.

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