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Baylor Fallout

Fired BU staffer seemingly exonerated, but apology not forthcoming

BU president declines to comment on rape investigation

Lawsuit filing: Interim BU president told official to delete emails, Baylor responds

BU won’t say which coaches are to blame; how are other schools vetting them?

Baylor Title IX coordinator resigns

Court of Criminal Appeals to review ruling in case of ex-BU player

Briles argued he was innocent and on some points BU apparently agrees

Baylor named in new Title IX lawsuit

Briles lands job in Canadian Football League

Sports radio host returns to Waco to meet with BU players

Attorneys mum on terms of BU rape victim’s lawsuit settlement

BU must produce “original documents” on sexual violence, harassment

Affidavit details incident that led to suspended BU player’s arrest

Baylor agrees to settlement in Jane Doe sexual assault suit

Baylor agrees to detail sexual assaults since 2003

Deposition: Ex-BU interim president unfamiliar with rape cases

Federal judge dismisses fired BU employee’s lawsuits

New lawsuit alleges former BU athlete was gang-raped by football players

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