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Baylor Fallout

Jane Doe attorneys want to know the facts behind BU’s Finding of Facts

BU player cleared in sexual assault review booted after theft arrest

Suit that alleged former BU volleyball player was gang-raped settled

War of words between Baylor, Jane Doe attorneys intensifies

Former BU AD disgusted with regents, racism, phony finding of fact

Grand jury declines to indict redshirt BU players in alleged sexual assault

Texas court reinstates ex-Baylor player’s sexual assault conviction

Judge grants some discovery motions in BU rape suit, denies others

Baylor hires new Title IX coordinator

Deadline looms for BU to turn over student records in Jane Doe suit

BU coach answers questions about sexual assault investigation

Fired BU staffer seemingly exonerated, but apology not forthcoming

Baylor says deleted emails unrelated to sex assault scandal

BU president declines to comment on rape investigation

Lawsuit filing: Interim BU president told official to delete emails, Baylor responds

Lawsuit filed over rape during 2016 Baylor fraternity party

Baylor named in 15th Jane Doe lawsuit over handling of rape complaint

BU won’t say which coaches are to blame; how are other schools vetting them?

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