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Congo's health ministry says Ebola spreads to 2nd province

Texas firefighters with cancer often denied workers' comp

Multi-gene test may find risk for heart disease and more

Physician convicted of improper prescribing gets 4 years

Man who shunned doctors charged in infant daughter’s death

High number of Cape Cod mosquitoes with West Nile virus

Doctors nudged by overdose letter prescribe fewer opioids

Report: Jump in deliveries involving moms hooked on opioids

Husband killed wife, himself over her illness

Helping nature: Inducing labor avoids cesarean for some moms

No easy answers on best heart check-up for young athletes

Ebola vaccinations begin in Congo's latest deadly outbreak

Study: 1 in 7 children of Zika-infected moms have problems

Mom tests positive for opiates after eating bagel

Durex recalls condoms in Germany over 'burst pressure' issue

Experts question benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste

Patients who accepted infected kidneys cured of hepatitis C

Brazil tackles measles outbreak with vaccination campaign

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