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Wound-healing skin tissue test underway

Study cited for blaming autism on TV cartoon does not exist

Death of dementia patient stirs Belgium euthanasia fears

Flu season shows signs of leveling off

Flu vaccine only 36 percent effective; season intense so far

Flu-stricken Texas teacher's death puts focus on antivirals

McDonald's slims down Happy Meal by banishing cheeseburgers

Flu shot won't make you spread more influenza

Gov't says health costs to keep growing faster than economy

First blood test to help diagnose brain injuries gets US OK

How best to treat opioids' youngest sufferers? No one knows

Winners and losers under Medicare drug plan in Trump budget

Texas surgeons separate toddlers joined at chest, abdomen

Dutch OK law: Everyone is organ donor unless they opt out

Can gene therapy be used to fight the AIDS virus?

Measles cases in Europe tripled last year, officials say

Study: driving drowsy quadruples chances of crashing

Fourteen worms pulled from the eye of woman with rare infection

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