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Mexican Consulate official accused of selling work permits

Parents concede baby Charlie dying in hospice

At least 5 dead in building collapse in Nigeria's Lagos

Parents want to take Charlie Gard home to die

US Navy ship fires warning shots near Iranian ship

Fires hopscotch through touristic southern coast of France

Lahore bombing death toll rises to 22

EU condemns deadly Afghan attacks

Tourist plunges to his death in Montana's Glacier Park

Nightclub shooting on Paraguay-Brazil border kills 4

Seven killed in small prop plane crash in northern Mexico

Man armed with chainsaw attacks people in Swiss city

Mexico City sees drug-war-style violence come to the capital

Ex-Mexican drug cartel leader gets 30 years in US prison

Gunmen kill 3 Pakistani policemen, passer-by in Karachi

Mexican highway sinkhole that killed 2 exposes corruption

Russian parliament bans use of proxy Internet services, VPNs

Burundi robotics team missing after competition in DC

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