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Seaweed piles up on beaches along Mexico's Caribbean coast

German police: Several injured in attack; suspect arrested

EU nations help Sweden as wildfires rage above Arctic Circle

Ex-South Korean leader sentenced to 8 more years in prison

Start digging, a quadrillion tons of diamonds may lie underground

Mexican company reopens distribution center after violence

Nicaragua marks 1979 revolution amid protests, bloodshed

Montenegro more puzzled than affronted by Trump's attention

Official says 14 civilians killed in Afghanistan explosion

No air traffic over Belgium due to technical glitch

Soccer team and coach who were trapped in cave released from hospital

Intense government bombing of south Syria opposition holdout

Mexico president-elect gives ‘blank check’ for peace

Mexico: Self-defense militia boss cleared of weapons charges

Nigeria arrests Boko Haram members linked to Chibok attack

Vatican-OK'd journal strikes out again at US evangelicals

Russian military offers to cooperate with US in Syria

Five killed, 9 wounded after gunmen attack Mexican funeral home

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