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Bank wants its money back

Student calls 911 from school, says he was sleepwalking

Bicyclist blames Waze for directing him into Lincoln Tunnel

Toy makers turn to the toilet for poop-inspired toys

Yuck: Bank staff sick of hawk scarfing pigeons at their door

11-year-old Boy Scout called for jury duty

Lawyer bombarded with pizza deliveries

Temple: Fourth grader steps up to help homeless

AP-WE tv Poll: Weddings cost cash but most say they're fun

Police pursuit of stolen school bus hits 100 mph

SUV's accelerator sticks at speeds up to 100 mph

Ice climbers flock to Lake Superior

Yes professor, Australia is a country

A day to celebrate sliced bread?

Sneeze causes crash

Wedding dress returned 32 years after dry cleaner mix-up

Waco: Fish free at the Wetlands

Instructor creates complex Lego model of A&M’s Academic Building

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