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Biker loses bag of cash, raining bills

Judge denies accused man's request to juggle during trial

Copperas Cove: Rescued “Miracle Kitten” ready to go home

Restaurant deluged by $300,000 water bill

Chicago inmates can order fancy Italian pizza made in jail

Renovation of New Mexico church finds new visitors--bees

Belton: Graduation traffic may be a problem in area of Expo Center

Woman finds python while doing laundry

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Raccoon causes power outage

Bear trying to get doughnuts tears off Colorado car bumper

Fort Hood: Colors cased ahead of deployment to S. Korea

Police: Woman caused $350,000 in damage at ex-husband's home

Woman hopes to cash in on moon dust

Eight-foot python startles man and dog in garage

Robber gives store clerk her phone number

Woman trying to buy birthday card trapped inside CVS

Used clothing store gets surprise donation of marijuana

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