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US Army ring discovered at West Texas landfill, owner sought

Man rescued from mud with parrot perched on his shoulders

Woman at Staples: Not shoplifting, just pregnant with twins

14-year-old boy uses legal quirk to run for governor

British heat wave put flamingoes in the mood, charity says

Crews still working to save bourbon after warehouse collapse

City employs goats to get rid of poison ivy

Robots are getting more social. Are humans ready?

Holy cow! Bovine herd helps police corral suspect

Two lives down, 7 to go: Cat survives being hit twice by cars

Salon turns away disabled woman, Walmart cashier steps in

Extra innings rule leads to unlikely win

Groom rescues struggling swimmer moments after beach wedding

Woman finds Tennessee man's engagement ring on Florida beach

Police: Robbery suspect drives into lake, tries to swim away

Man fights ticket for turkey who moved into yard

No kidding: Dozens of goats chow down in Idaho neighborhood

Septuagenarians spar over Costco samples

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