Automax Marquee Matchup Preview: La Vega Vs Connally

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(October 31, 2013) It might seem like a trick to the four teams tied a top District 17-3A but it's a treat to everyone else to see how the race will play out. In what amounts to a district championship elimination game, 2012 co-champ La Vega visits Connally.

"Way we look at it is we expect to be there and that's tradition and we put that in our kids minds," said La Vega head coach Willie Williams. "We don't go out and play for, and just say hey, we're just going to try and get through the year and see what happens. We're trying to win it all, so the expectations doesn't go down."

"It's just a good rivalry game for us and our kids are excited to play in it and we're still trying to take the mindset of just taking one game and taking it for what it's worth and move on to the next," said Connally head coach Mike Rabe.

Two schools only about three miles apart. It's a rivalry built out of familiarity more than anything else.

"It's really for Bellmead, I guess, or you could say Waco," said La Vega offensive lineman Trever Freeman. "We always try and be the best team we can be, and I'm sure Connally does as well, but we always want to fight for this game and fight for that win."

"It's rivalry week and that's what's special to us and it's a district game that's real big to us too," said La Vega running back and linebacker Javon Arnett.

"We're very close together," said Connally offensive lineman Haden Toole. "We go out to eat food, we'll see them. They're everywhere, you run into everybody."

"I mean, it's more than just football to some of us. Some of us have close relationships," said Connally running back and defensive end Chris Robinson. "I know some, they're brothers, step brothers, half brothers. We played football together since we were Peewee and everyone played around here together. It's close relationships around here all over the place."