UT President Says Brown Has His Support

AUSTIN (September 13, 2013)--University of Texas President Bill Powers says he supports coach Mack Brown as speculation swirls about whether Brown's job is on the line after three sub-par seasons and an embarrassing loss at BYU.

Powers, who spoke briefly with The Associated Press on Friday before Saturday's game against No. 25 Mississippi, called last week's 40-21 loss to BYU a "bad week" and said Brown is "trying to fix it."

Brown fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz the day after the defeat.

Powers dismissed the suggestion that Brown must meet a minimum standard of wins or claim a Big 12 championship to keep his job.

He said there has been no discussion about ultimatums for the coach.

Brown, who won the 2005 national championship, is in his 16th year at Texas.