Central Texas is getting a new children's museum and the people behind the idea join the buzz to talk about what kind of art will be there.

Baylor scores 10 to beat Texas State

Bears score 5 early runs in the win

West beats Troy to claim 2nd in district

Trojans earn 2nd playoff seed

Marlin: Police chief resigns due to "Hostile Environment"

Embattled Marlin police Chief Damien Eaglin has resigned after being in his position since December 2015. Eaglin says he resigned to "reveal the truth and how I was never given a chance due to the hostile work environment that I've been enduring ever since I became the Chief."

Bluesnarfing card skimmer scam turns up in Central Texas

Law enforcement officials are warning about a new tactic thieves are using to steal debit and credit card information. The scam known as bluesnarfing is when Bluetooth technology is used to steal and transfer information form one device to another.


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