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Cindy heads inland, downgraded to Topical depression

Tornado flattens buildings, flood threat lingers

Experts: US exiting climate pact may doom some small islands

Tropical Storm Cindy could dump heavy rain on parts of Texas

Power use peaks as temperatures soar

Debate heats up over teaching climate change in US schools

Air conditioner repairmen in hot demand during heat wave

Southwest celebrates first day of summer with heat wave

Lightning strikes couple's home on 40th wedding anniversary

NPS warns visitors not to hike into Grand Canyon because of heat

Las Vegas Strip sizzles

Reservoir water weight blamed for Arkansas earthquake swarm

NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

Energy chief: Carbon dioxide not prime driver of warming

120-degree temperatures disrupts flights in Phoenix

New Mexico firefighters battle flames, face hot, dry conditions

Rip currents leave 1 dead, 2 missing at Jersey shore

Southwest US braces for 120 temps: Water, water, more water

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