Incredible Views From Space!
Check out some unbelievable images from NASA missions in space!

Weather Reporter vs. A Snowplow
This reporter gets slammed by snow, but doesn’t miss a beat!

Severe Weather Preparedness Week
Helpful tips as we get closer to severe weather season in Central Texas

Icy Rivers Causing Big Problems Near Chicago
Ice Jams have closed bridges and threatened homes!

Bad Winter Weather Means Big Money For Salt Mines
One salt mine under Lake Erie is producing over 1500 tons of salt per day!

Extreme California Drought
Pictures of what has been the worst drought to hit the state since the 70s

Snowy Great White Shark
Not something you expect to see in a Michigan front yard

Heavy Snow Causes Big Problems
This winter’s heavy snowfall has caused roofs to collapse across many states

Frozen Great Lakes
The Great Lakes have seen a near record amount of ice this winter!

Working on the Snow at the Olympics
A look at all of the work being done in a very warm Sochi

Massive Snowman!
Take a look at this 20 foot tall Snowman in Pennsylvania

Record Flooding in England
The River Thames has burst its banks due to the wettest winter in England in 250 years

Looking at Earth from Mars
Nothing more than a dot in the sky, but this is what Earth looks like to NASA’s Mars Rover

Northern Plains Sky Lapse
Beautiful video shot throughout 2013 in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah

Super Bowl Just Missed Major Snow
A few hours after the Super Bowl ended heavy snow covered Metlife Stadium!

Tumbleweeds invade New Mexico town
People on Clovis New Mexico try to clean up after being buried by up to 8 feet of tumbleweeds!

Western Drought puts strain on Reservoirs
Lake Mead in Nevada has lost 4 trillion gallons of water since 2000

Jim Cantore Take on Wild College Student
The Weather Channel Meteorologist isn’t fazed by during his live TV segement!

What is the Polar Vortex?
The term ‘Polar Vortex’ has been all over the news this winter… But what is it?

A look at the schedule for storm spotter trainings across Central Texas next year.

Snowiest Places on Earth
The Japanese Alps see between 100 and 125 feet of snow in some years!

Beautiful Sunrises Around the World
These views are worth waking up early for!

When could we go to Mars?
Experts weight in on when a manned mission to Mars is really possible…

Icy Lake Michigan
The ice is bad enough near Green Bay that Ice Breakers are needed

Antarctic Summer
Webcam view from an Australian research ship sailing in the chilly Antarctic

Too Cold for School?
Schools around Green Bay may have to cancel school because of dangerously cold wind chills

Alaska Polar Plunge
It may look a little crazy jumping into freezing cold water, but it helped to raise $400,000 for Special Olympics!

Christmas Day Northern Lights
Beautiful view of the northern lights in Sweden

Turning a Football Stadium into a Hockey Arena
This time lapse shows how much work going into playing hockey at Michigan Stadium!

New Zealand Weather
Beautiful weather time-lapse from New Zealand

Rare Snow in the Middle East
Cairo saw snow for the first time in over 100 years!

Into the Atmosphere
Beautiful Time-lapse of several different areas across the state of California

Old Faithful
Live view of a snowy and cold Yellowstone National Park

Astronaut’s View of Earth
A series of timelapse images show the view of Earth from the International Space Station.

Comet Ison
Satellite view as the Comet rounded the Sun

Keep an Eye on Flight Delays
Busy holiday travel and bad weather across the east coast could cause some big problems over the next few days!

Panhandle Snow and Ice
Pictures of this weekend’s wintry weather across the Texas Panhandle

Crazy Tornado Video!
Extremely Up-Close cell phone video of the Washington, IL tornado

Haiyan Storm Surge
Video from an aid worker in the Philippines shows the destructive power of this Typhoon

Illinois Tornado
Raw storm chaser video of one of the massive tornadoes that moved through Illinois

Haiyan vs Katrina
How does Typhoon Haiyan compare to Hurrican Katrina from 2005?

Another Mission to Mars
NASA is preparing for a mission to study the atmosphere of the Red Planet

Early Ski Season
Here is a look at webcams in Winter Park Colorado as they are now open for ski season

The Philippines Before and After Haiyan
Satellite imagery that shows the massive destruction across the Philippines

Massive Destruction From Typhoon Haiyan
Images of the massive destruction across the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan
Satellite view of this massive storm as it is about to hit the Philippines!

A New Galaxy 30-Billion Light Years Away
Texas A&M researchers have discovered this new galaxy from pictures from the Hubble Telescope

Solar Eclipse
Pictures from Sunday’s eclipse that was seen across the Atlantic coast and Africa

Hurricane Sandy… Then and Now
A look at how the hardest hit areas have changed over the last year.

Superstorm Sandy: One Year later
A look back at the storm that wreaked havoc along the East Coast last year

Average First Freeze
We are starting to see cooler weather, but when should we see our first freeze?

Texas Lake Levels
This map shows what kind of shape lakes across the state of Texas are in

Massive Earthquake in the Philippines
The death toll continues to climb after this 7.2-magnitude earthquake

Cyclone Slams India
Massive damage caused by winds that reached 140mph!

Massive Storm Surge
More video of the storm surge that hit China as part of Typhoon Fitow

Typhoon Fitow
Massive storm surge hit China as part of Typhoon Fitow

Tornado Near Seattle
Tornadoes are rare in Western Washington, but this one did a good bit damage!

Milky Way Time Lapse
Very interesting view of the Milky Way from South Dakota

San Francisco Fog
Amazing Time Lapse video of the fog rolling into San Francisco

Snowfall in a Desert
Rare snow fell in one of the driest deserts in the world!

Amazing New View of the Moon
110,000 images from NASA’s Lunar Orbiter allows to see parts of the Moon we can’t see from Earth

Tropical Storm Karen
This latest storm will likely effect parts of the Gulf Coast!

September Snow!
We are just now starting to get some cooler Fall temperatures, but in some parts of Montana they have already seen some snow!

Aerial Views of the Colorado Flood Damage
As the cleanup and recovery begins, here are some striking aerial views of the damage in Colorado

Colorado Flooding
Raw video from some of the deadly flood waters in Colorado

Flood Rescue in Colorado
Video of a dramatic high water rescue in Colorado

South Padre Web Cam
Take a look at the weather in South Texas as Ingrid moves into Mexico

Deadly Flooding in Colorado
Heavy rain is causing major problems around Denver

Hurricane Humberto
Details on the first Hurricane of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Utah Flash Floods
Crazy video from “Flood Chasers” out of Southern Utah

Japanese Tornado
Dozens were injured by this tornado!

Rim Fire Time Lapse
An amazing time lapse of the massive wildfire as seen from Yosemite National Park

Fires From Space
Latest view of fires all across the world from NASA satellites

Sinkhole Swallows Trees!
Amazing video of a sinkhole in a bayou in Louisiana

Extreme Dam Flood Waters
Watch this amazing video showing the massive amounts of water released by a dam in Taiwan due to Typhoon Trami

Space X Test
Video of the latest test of the Grasshopper rocket in McGregor

Heat Safety Tips
Great tips to keep you safe during this hot summer weather

One Year on Mars
A look back at some of the achievements NASA’s Mars Rover during it’s first year on Mars

The Rain Room
In New York you can walk through the rain without getting wet

Rapping Weatherman
He is we known on the web for his weather rapping skills, and he is at it again!

Tropical Storm Dorian
Latest info on this storm as it moves through the Atlantic

Weatherman Can’t Stop Laughing!
Watch as this Morning Weatherman from Springfield Illinois struggles to get through his weather segment while laughing

Massive Floods in China
Thousands of people have been evacuated due to these deadly floods

Colorado Flooding
Video of flood waters that washed cars down the road!

A look at the new SyFy movie coming out, as well as some other bad weather themed movies!

Tropical Storm Chantal
The latest info and forecast for the newest named storm

Supercell Thunderstorm
Very nice time-lapse of a storm that occurred near Booker, TX in June

Arizona Fire Time-Lapse
Time-Lapse of the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire

Summer Heat Safety Tips
Some helpful tips to protect yourself from the extreme heat we see during the summer

Lightning Safety Awareness Week
Safety information for the nation's deadliest weather phenomena

Beautiful pictures from all over the world of the large full moon

Canada Flooding
Up to 100,000 may need to evacuate!

Storm Spotter Training
Great information about severe weather in Central Texas

Lightning Scares Baseball Players
Yankee and Red Sox players are startled by loud thunder!

View Inside a Tornado
Crazy storm chaser video from inside a Tornado in Kansas!

Interactive Map of the Moore, Oklahoma Damage!
Up-close view of the major damage from this EF-5 tornado

Aerial Photos of the Destruction in Moore, Oklahoma
Views of the devastation caused by the EF-5 tornado

Oklahoma Tornadoes
Video of some of the massive tornadoes that hit Oklahoma over the weekend!

North Texas Tornadoes
Very latest on the deadly tornadoes that moved through areas just to our north

Beautiful View From the ISS
Collection of amazing pictures from Chris Hadfield during his time aboard the International Space Station

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