Boy Scouts step up to fill shelves at local food pantry

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 6:22 PM CDT
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ROBINSON, Texas (KWTX) - A local Boy Scout troop helped stock the shelves of a small-town food pantry where, because of COVID-19 and the economic stress the pandemic has placed on individuals and families, the need has never been greater.

“We usually serve 110 families and, right now, we’re serving around 250,” said Tom Ledbetter, executive director of Shepherd Heart’s Food Pantry in Robinson.

Troop 1311 out of Robinson, which includes ten boys ages 10 to 16, decided to help the 7-year-old pantry by going door-to-door asking for donations of food or money.

They let residents of Robinson neighborhoods know in advance and spent eight hours Saturday and Sunday combing the streets.

They say the showing of support was amazing.

“The community was really great,” said Crystal Johnson, assistant scout master.

“A lot of people already had things sitting out on their porch. One lady even gave us eight bags full of groceries.”

The Robinson Volunteer Fire Department even gathered a large donation, which the troop picked up.

The boys have helped the volunteer firefighters with projects in the past and say it’s great to have that community bond.

“Robinson is a tight knit community,” Johnson said.

“The great thing about the fire department is they know they can call on us for help and we know we can call on them, too.”

The troop delivered an SUV packed to the brim with food as well as a check Tuesday evening.

Ledbetter was there to help carry in the food and said the work of the scouts will help neighbor’s in need near and far.

“It means a lot to us. We love organizations that donate to the Shepherd’s Heart Robinson Food Pantry because that’s our resources that we give out every other week to folks that are around the Mclennan County area and beyond,” Ledbetter said.

“It’s that food that allows for people who are short on food to be able to live on a daily basis and have the food they need.”

(The need for food across Central Texas is great this year. You can help pantries like this one by donating to our Food for Families Food Drive on Nov. 20)

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