Waco: Pandemic puts pressure on teachers

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 2:18 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - The pandemic has brought along stressful times for students and their families, but it has not been easy for teachers either.

The Region 12 Education Service Center said teachers are working through challenges unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Many teachers are back in the classroom, but some of their students are learning from home, and some are learning in school.

Region 12 said navigating that is a challenge for schools and teachers, and it could mean some extra stress.

Jeni Janek, and education specialist and coordinator at Region 12 said they work with schools across the area to listen to their needs.

Janek said they’ve been doing assessments with the schools looking at ways Region 12 can help.

Janek said so far, the biggest buzz word has been grace.

In addition to looking for ways to support teachers, Janek said they also help schools navigate state resources.

One of those new resources is a video series from the TEA called Project Restore.

Janek said the videos have ways to educators to help students through all the trauma of the current time, but the videos also have ways for educators to help each other.

“It’s very important that teachers have that same degree of respect and opportunity for taking care of themselves, and our language has not always historically been that way,” Janek said.

Janek said the videos are really a great start for learning about how to get help if needed.

She added education is about people, and taking care of the people involved in education is important.

“Teachers are so important,” Janek said.

“The kids are learning from them daily, they’re looking to them, and that’s a lot of heavy stress to carry around, too, to know your importance in that.”

Janek said when the teachers are taken care of, they’re better able to take care of the children in their classroom.

The videos from TEA are just the most recent set of resources the state has made available, and Janek said others will become available as well.

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