Restaurant Report Card for October 8, 2020

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 6:05 PM CDT
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(KWTX) - El Paso Mexican Grill at 4225 Franklin Ave. in Waco got a 90 during a recent food inspection.

The health worker noted, chicken and fish stored above the fruits and veggies, containers inside the cooler that were missing labels, and no paper towels inside the women’s bathroom.

The restaurant passed a re-inspection. Dairy Queen at 1310 West McGregor Dr. in McGregor got a 92 on a recent inspection.

In the freezer the health worker found ice spilled on uncovered food, including cookies, fruitcake and soup, which had to be thrown away.

Also, the hamburger meat was not kept hot enough while waiting to be served and the cheese was not kept cold enough inside the cooler. El Taquito at 1315 West McGregor Dr. in McGregor got a 94 on a recent inspection.

The eggs, sour cream, and chorizo had to be thrown out because they were not kept at the right temperature in the cooler. The thermometer in the cooler had to be replaced because it was not working properly. And, Dos Mundos Spud Shack at 2515 Clay Ave. in Waco is this week’s Clean Plate Award winner.

This business has been around for a few years operating out of a food truck, but just recently moved into a brick and mortar.

It specializes in what some may refer to as mega-potatoes.

They are huge, heavily loaded and absolutely flavorful and delicious.

I recently popped in for the #1 Big Boy with chopped BBQ, butter, cheese, BBQ sauce, and one bit would make you dance.

We’re told the most popular spud is the Big Papi, which is similar but with an added sausage link and rib.

If you do not want a potato, all month long you can get a smoked turkey leg instead.



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