Local superintendent encourages healthy students to return to class in person

if you can send your child back to school in person, do it, superintendent says
Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 4:56 PM CDT
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VALLEY MILLS, Texas (KWTX) - The Valley Mills ISD superintendent has a message for parents in his district with children learning virtually: if you can send your child back to school in person, do it.

There have been four confirmed student cases.

But Superintendent Mike Kelly says the district has taken numerous safety measures to keep students safeand contain any additional COVID-19 cases.

In fact, the junior high volleyball team and an elementary class are currently quarantining out of extreme caution because of potential exposure.

But he says students learning virtually are struggling terribly.

Kelly says 93 students are still learning remotely and 51 of them are failing.

Kelly says if students are sick or have been potentially exposed to COVID19 by all means stay home.

But he’s urging the others to come back to campus because he wants to see them succeed.

Kelly said, “if they get behind a day, if they get behind two days, you can start to roll down hill fast. We haven’t been in school since March so the last thing we need is to get behind. We’ve got to get students back, we’ve got to fill in those gaps, and we’ve got to move forward. So again, if they’re struggling at home, we need them here.”

You can see the entire interview including what students and parents need to know about upcoming Halloween activities on the KWTX Facebook page.

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