Salado’s Son: Football player finds family in Salado

Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 10:31 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Latrell Jenkins moved to Salado from Alabama in the sixth grade. He found more than just a new home in Central Texas and even more than just a second family.

“Ha I found a lot of families. I found a lot of moms. I found a lot of dads,” explained Latrell.

Latrell calls every Salado football parent either mom or dad.

“I get a phone call weekly , hey mom what’s for dinner,” said Kristi Maedgen, a Salado parent.

Latrell’s real mom is still here in Texas with him.

“My actual mom used to be in the military and she went through a lot for me,” said Latrell.

“My dad, not much to say. He’s a farmer he’s still in Alabama and he’s been through a lot. He showed me ropes through life through everything and God bless him,” explained Latrell.

If Latrell ever needs anything, he has plenty of people to call.

“Each mom has a different subject for me, one’s a math mom, a reading mom, I have all the help I need,” said Latrell.

“Multiple families in that senior class have been helping him for years. He’ll walk into four or five houses and be right at home,” said Salado head football coach, Alan Haire.

One of his dads became an official mentor of his in junior high.

“I said we are committed to making sure that you get to graduate and he said nobody else has told me that,” said Scott Mescher, a Salado parent.

But for as much as these families have blessed him, he has blessed them right back.

“It’s been fun to get to watch him play football, basketball, run track but more than anything just to watch him stick with stuff care about his grades learn to care about himself,” added Mescher.

“Just the kindest and most polite kid you will ever meet. When you meet him you’ll see his smile and it brightens the room and he is just a joy to be around,” said Kristi Maedgen.

This is Latrell’s last year as a Salado eagle. His plans for next year aren’t quite set yet, but no matter what he does. He’ll keep Salado in mind.

“I wanna say I love everybody. Thank you for all your support and help and one day I’ll make everybody proud,” said Latrell.

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