Terrific trio looks to find a permanent home over the holidays

Published: Nov. 24, 2020 at 1:19 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - There’s nothing like being home for the holidays with your family, but what if your family doesn’t have a home to call their own?

That’s basically the case for foster siblings Imani Zoey and Kylon.

The close knit trio has been in the foster care system for more than two years.

The goal is to keep them together and find them a permanent family.

“They are very attached to each other,” adoption specialist Donna Crowley said.

“They’re together now and they’ve been together and they’re all that they have. They absolutely want to be together.”

A family willing to take on these three will need to be loving and engaging.

“They are energetic and they really like to be out and doing things, so they could benefit from a family that that is active or is willing to be active with them,” noted Crowley.

An afternoon with the kids at Peter Piper Pizza in Waco reveals 10-year old Imani loves sports, as he spent the majority of his time making baskets playing Pop-A-Shot.

Nine-year old Zoey’s also energetic, but a little more outspoken.

“She’s very high energy,” Crowley said.

“She almost sings when she’s talking.”

As for the youngest Kylon, well “He’s your typical 4-year old,” Crowley said through a smile.

“He just very, very, very wants to be the center of attention and the prince.”

Aside from attention, what these quick-witted kiddos need is stability.

“It’s essential that they don’t make too many more moves,” said Crowley.

“They also need a family that could advocate for their needs. That’s what they need.”

Maybe you’re that family; ready to provide the ultimate gift, for some kids in serious need this holiday season.

(To inquire about adopting these three children or to find out more about the process, contact CPS at (254) 756-5571 or contact KWTX and ask for Pete Sousa. Also, remember there are licensing requirements to adopt in Texas)

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