Brothers with Baylor roots prepare for golf season

Published: Jan. 24, 2021 at 11:36 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - At this point, it is hard for the Dosseys to calculate the exact number of family members who have worn the green and gold...

“I think that, including Luke, it’s around 35,” estimates Cooper Dossey.

Cooper and his younger brother Luke are both on the Baylor golf team.

Their grandparents on both sides attended Baylor, and encouraged the boys’ parents to do the same.

Cooper’s and Luke’s dad, Paul, remembers, “My father said, ‘you can go anywhere you want for school, but I will only pay for you to go to Baylor’, so that limited my options.”

Paul and Trudi Dossey met while at Baylor in the 90s. Trudi was on the cheer team, while Paul’s sister played basketball for the Lady Bears.

Still, Cooper originally committed to golf at Texas A&M and only switched to Baylor after his younger brother visited the school and met with the new golf coach, Mike McGraw.

Cooper explains, “A lot of people think that Luke is at Baylor because of me, when in all reality, I’m at Baylor because of Luke.”

Luke may have helped convince Cooper to change his commitment, but it was Cooper who inspired Luke to start golfing in the first place.

Luke tells me, “I just grew up doing whatever older brother did. I had his hand-me-down-clubs. I think we had some snoopy clubs that he handed off to me.”

Cooper took to golf before his little brother was even born.

Paul says, “At 14 months old, Trudi had bought him a plastic set of golf clubs. I came home from work, and this ball comes flying across my face in the living room, and he has a club and he’s running after it to hit it again.”

Currently, Paul and Trudi have a niece and a nephew at the school, along with their two sons, but you can’t forget about the youngest member of the family.

Paul says they have “a third one, who is coming to Baylor”... “and he’s going to be on the golf team,” adds Trudi.

Sam Dossey is a Junior in high school and he has verbally committed to golf at Baylor.

The three brothers are all great golfers and best friends, but they all have unique skill-sets and play-styles, which makes them a pretty impressive scramble team.

Trudi suggests, “If you could take Luke’s putting, Cooper’s short game, and Sam’s ball striking. Then maybe I’ll hit the drive. And my husband can read the putts.” Paul laughs and adds, “I’ll just carry the bags, how’s that?”

Cooper was granted an extra year when COVID ended the season early last year, and he decided to come back for one more chance to play with his brother - and one more chance to chase a national championship. He expects to turn pro this Summer.

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