Classroom Champions: Axtell’s Koby Hollingsworth

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 11:14 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Koby Hollingsworth is a busy guy. He plays basketball, football, baseball, and runs track for Axtell High.

He is also involved in FFA and National Honor Society, and no matter what the activity, he has emerged as a leader and an icon in the small town of Axtell.

Koby’s basketball coach, Jordan Mills, says, “Anytime you come to our game you can see the little kids just cheering him on and saying his name because they’re excited for him. When you have that it starts building a program little by little, because when those younger kids get up there, they know what it’s going to take to be great like Koby.”

Koby tells me, “It’s an honor to be the person that people look up to. It’s a lot of stress sometimes, I have to watch myself whenever I am around them, what I do and what I say, but I love being the guy that people look up to. Everyone wants to give me a high five. I love those things.”

Through four years as a starter on multiple teams, he has faced his fair share of coaching changes and adversity, but he never let it bring him – or his teammates – down.

Koby says, “Just to be positive all the time has been my go-to thing. Whenever guys are getting down or they’re getting frustrated, I just try to cheer them up, with little things, just to make them feel better.”

Koby has racked up the accolades, most recently topping 1,500 career points in basketball, but he somehow stays humble.

Coach Mills says, “He never brags about it. You won’t see him flaunting it. You just see him as an average Joe, but when he puts in that work on and off the court, and in the classroom, it shows.”

Koby hopes to play basketball at the next level, and he may keep it in his life for years to come.

Koby says, “I’m kind of on two tracks. I have thought about the coaching path, and I have thought about getting a business degree and starting my own business one day.”

No matter which route he chooses, it’s a safe bet that he will be successful.

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