Avoid common winter car troubles by following this mechanic’s tips

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 8:28 PM CST
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BELL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) - As Central Texans wake up to ice sheets on their windshields and car windows, a local mechanic says it’s important to remember there are do’s and don’ts to defrosting your vehicle. Kenneth Freeman, an auto-mechanic and owner of Running Right Autocare in Harker Heights offers the following advice

-Don’t pour hot water on your vehicle’s windshield as it may crack the glass. You can pour warm water on door handles or other non-glass parts of the vehicle.

-Don’t turn on your windshield wiper right away. If the windshield is frozen, it’s possible the motor on the windshield wiper is also frozen and may break if you turn it on.

-Don’t put your window down as soon as you get in the car. Besides the ice on the window, the window regulator itself could be frozen and using it in a frozen state could break it.

-Don’t put water in your coolant reservoir because water freezes. Instead use an antifreeze.

-Do turn your car on several minutes before you leave to allow windows and windshields to defrost.

-Do use an ice scraper or a spray de-icer to quickly defrost a car.

-Do keep at least half a tank of gas and extra blankets in your car in case you get stuck on roadways.

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