Baylor EQ’s Madaline Callaway receives national honors

Published: Feb. 13, 2021 at 8:14 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A member of the sixth-ranked Baylor equestrian team is receiving major honors.

Madaline Callaway was named the National Reining Rider of the month for January.

It isn’t surprising that Callaway is having a great start to the season - she jokingly told me she feels more comfortable on horseback than on her own two feet.

Madaline says she started riding horses competitively when she was seven years old, but she has been riding for her whole life.


Madaline’s mom used to take her on the horse before she had any mobility of her own.

Callaway says, “I just rode around with her when I learned to walk.”

Now, she rides competitively for Baylor, and scored a clutch, make-or-break point in the first competition of the season... without even knowing the stakes were so high.

Callaway remembers, “It was a pretty exciting moment when my coach was like, ‘you tied it for us’. I was like, whoa, I’m glad you didn’t tell me. It was pretty cool.”

Reining is an event in which the rider guides the horse through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops - think figure skating, but on horseback.

Reining can be fun to watch, even if you don’t know the rules, because it is usually accompanied by lots of energy from the other riders.

“Just watching the excitement of the whole thing. All of us cheer so loudly.”

Madaline says kids seem to especially enjoy equestrian events, and she remembers being a teenager, watching competitions, and falling in love with it herself.

“I got my first reining horse around 8th grade. His name was Cruiser and he started the whole reining event for me.”

Madaline is honored to be named the National Reining Rider of the month, but she says she still has high goals for the rest of the year.

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