Central Texas Marine veteran delivers firewood, rescues stranded motorists amid winter storm

Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 1:07 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - As the winter storm continues to leave tens of thousands of Central Texans in the dark and with no heat, one man is going door-to-door and even traveling miles to deliver firewood to those in need.

Aquilla resident Shawn Brock has not only given away truck beds full of free firewood, he has delivered it.

Brock is also offering to pull people out of snow, give food or water to anyone in need and has opened his house to those who need shelter, despite the fact he already has a wife, six kids and one on the way at home.

“I’m doing it because people need it,” Shawn said. “There are too many people in need and not enough people trying.”

KWTX learned about Brock’s good deeds from a viewer who sent a screenshot of a post Shawn shared in an online forum for those looking to buy or sell items in the Whitney area.

The post reads: “Have firewood for those truly in need, one full bottle of oil. Will deliver if need be. Stuck? I can pull you out. Willing to help.”

Brock does not have a fireplace at his house but he cleared his pasture for the wood to give.

Central Texans quickly responded and, since Tuesday, Brock has been on the road delivering the firewood and gathering additional wood.

He continued making deliveries Thursday.

“To me, it’s not a hassle and if it is the hardest thing I have to do - to start up my chainsaw and deliver it - then I have a pretty good life.”

Brock, a Marine Corps veteran, currently works as a service tech at Crown Lift Trucks.

He has delivered supplies to neighbors and people as far away as Cleburne.

One family needed the firewood as they tried to keep newborn livestock alive in their living room.

Shawn says everyone can help in some small way.

“I passed six houses in one block and they have firewood sitting outside and not even using their fireplace. I think the community can come together and do better. There are elderly that have been without electricity for days.”

“We don’t have much,” Shawn said. “We work hard for it, but we believe helping people when we can. We believe in church and God and paying it forward.”

If you’re in need of firewood, Shawn says to find him on Facebook.

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