Area grocery stores open in the dark during power outage

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 4:18 PM CST
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(KWTX) - Several area grocery stores opened their doors to customers during the prolonged power outage caused by the historic February freeze.

Employees equipped with flashlights guided residents up and down aisles in search of food, water and other necessities.

One of them, David’s the Brookshire Brothers store at 803 South Bosque St. in Whitney, has served the community for decades and when the storm hit, operators knew they needed to be there for their customers.

Bobby Riney has been the store director in Whitney since 2000.

When the store lost power Monday six employees showed up to help Riney move perishable food items to a refrigerator truck or different rooms with cooler temperatures.

As soon as that work was done, the employees went to work in the dark.

“Tuesday, we decided that the community needed our store to be open, so we took it upon ourselves to open with no power,” Riney said.

“It was dark in the store. We took flashlights and we would take the customers as they would come in and we’d walk them around the store and write the prices down and then walk them back to the front and let them check out.”

Customers noticed the act of kindness.

At least one emailed KWTX with photographs and a word of praise for their community store.

Riney said there was on customer who came in that employees didn’t need the lights on to recognize.

“One of the highlights of the day, when it was so cold and everything, we looked up and there was a gentleman standing there needing some help and his name was Chip Gaines,” Riney said, laughing.

Chip Gaines with a cashier.
Chip Gaines with a cashier.(Courtesy photo)

A cashier snapped her picture with the star.

District Director of Brookshire Brothers, Nick Radke, said he couldn’t be prouder of the employees of David’s.

“We are so proud of Bobby and his team here in Whitney, Texas,” Radke said.

“It comes as no surprise to those folks that live in Whitney. They know Bobby. This is just kind of his heart and what he does every day. Thank you for opening up with the community needed you.”

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