Brothers become teammates, lead Belton High to the playoffs

Published: Feb. 21, 2021 at 8:00 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - The Belton High School basketball team often talks about the team as a family.

For TJ and Trap Johnson, it is family.

TJ is in his third year starting for the Tigers, and he has established himself as the team’s leader.

Trap is just a freshman on the team, but he has earned his place among the varsity players with his great skill and shooting.

Still, TJ was a little uneasy about having his little brother join the mix.

TJ admits, “I did have some worry about what it would be like having my brother on the same team as me, but it’s been great.”

The brothers have helped lead Belton high to the playoffs this year, but the experience has been even better off the court, where both brothers agree their bond has gotten deeper.

Trap tells me, “I’ve definitely learned a lot more about him. Just the way he acts with the other teammates. He honestly opens up a lot more with the teammates than he does at home.”

It’s no surprise TJ and Trap are great basketball players – they come from a basketball family. Their mom, Angi, played at Texas Woman’s University and their dad, Justin, played at Westpoint.

The parents admit, sometimes it can be hard to change the mindset from ‘former players’ to ‘proud parents’.

Justin explains, “Sometimes you get caught up in the competition of it all, and you can forget about the fact that my two boys are there playing, and the little brother is here cheering. This is pretty cool. Let’s just focus on that and enjoy the time, because it goes fast.”

That little brother cheering is Ty, a sixth grader who wishes he was old enough to play with his big brothers.

That said, he has accepted his role doing the next best thing.

Justin says, “He’s definitely the biggest fan.”

While Angi adds, “He’s all-in. He is in the game, he’s not off chitter chatting with other people. He’s all-in.”

In a few years, Ty could get the chance to play alongside Trap, but in the meantime, the Johnsons are trying to cherish every moment they can.

They wish every family could have this experience.

TJ says, “They’re missing out. My parents told me when the season was starting that it’s going to be a good experience, and I didn’t really take their word for it. I understand what they are saying now.”

Belton plays Waxahachie in the playoffs on Tuesday.

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