How BU’s Yossiana Pressley became the best player in college volleyball

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 10:43 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - The Baylor volleyball team returns to action Thursday to play the second half of the season which has been split by COVID.

You would have a hard time finding someone more excited for volleyball to be back than Yossiana Pressley.

Yossi was named the National Player of the Year last year and helped the Bears make a deep tournament run.

This Fall, she became Baylor’s all-time kill leader now, but she hasn’t always been this good.

Yossi tells me she started playing in fifth grade, saying, “I was so bad, but I had so much fun with it. I was like, this is fun, this is new!”

Yossi made some progress once she started training with her aunt, Janice.

Janice played in the college volleyball national tournament for Georgia Southern, so Yossi was determined to do the same, and she wouldn’t let anything stand in her way.

Janice explains, “When you have that type of goal, and you want to be that type of player, it comes at a price.”

Yossi adds, “I put literally blood, sweat, tears – lots of tears, we will put that twice. It was just so much and I was so invested and I knew I had a passion and love for it that would never go away.”

Despite being an All-American in high school, Yossi was still doubted.

She tells me, “I’ve had schools tell me I am too skinny and I’m too short. I’m like, I don’t care. I’m going to jump over these 6′ 5 girls, and tool you up, and hit five hundred against you.”

The reigning national player of the year was made for the limelight.

She electrifies the gym on game-day with her incredible athleticism and volleyball IQ, but don’t let the flash and excitement fool you.

Janice says, “They don’t see the work that she put in, day-in and day-out, where everybody is going to a party, or everybody is going on vacation. She doesn’t do that. She trained. She was in the gym. She was committed. She made a decision and she was determined to get there.”

Yossi and her Aunt Janice set some lofty goals when she signed with Baylor, and by now she has just about accomplished all of them.

Janice remembers telling Yossi, “You will be player of the year. You will be freshman of the year. You will be playing in the national championship. So, we still have to fulfill that one. She was really close. I’m proud of that.”

The Bears start the second half of the season ranked #6 in the nation.

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