Local vet suspects algae toxicity at Lake Belton could be to blame for dog deaths

Published: Mar. 13, 2021 at 6:12 PM CST
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - Dog owners living near Morgan’s Point in the Belton Lake are on high alert after at least three dogs reportedly died after ingesting water from the lake.

One of those dogs is Koda. His owner, Delaney Presley, said Koda died less than an hour after he drank some of the lake water.

“He started losing his balance a little bit then he just faceplanted on the concrete and started having a seizure,” Presley told News Ten on Monday.

The US Army Corp of Engineers has collected water samples for testing and say results should be available by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, local veterinarians are trying to learn more about what has happened.

Dr. Kasandra Hill, a veterinarian at Belton Small Animal Clinic, suspects it could be the result of blue green algae toxicity.

“It’s an algae bloom that grows with the right weather conditions in certain lakes and it’s very very toxic,” said Dr. Hill.

Because of how quickly pets can die, Hill urges pet owners to act quickly and get their pet to a veterinarian clinic.

Survival rates are low, however, so Hill asks pet owners to practice prevention rather than cure.

“There is a treatment protocol and I think some can be successful but most of the time they need intense care at boarded specialists for a long time to kind of get over that,” Hill said.

Belton Lake managers said they believe humans are fine to be in the water as long as they don’t ingest it. So parents should monitor their small children who may mistakenly consume some of the water.

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