Be Remarkable: Man of service is getting big-time recognition for quietly going above and beyond

Published: Mar. 15, 2021 at 7:36 PM CDT
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This week’s Be Remarkable takes us out to Troy, where man of service is getting big-time recognition for quietly going above and beyond .

Eddie Randolph is a giver, that’s just what he does.  His free time is filled with obligations supporting youth baseball and softball and any Troy city project.

And although generosity is in his nature, working to maintain and operate Roberts Cemetery is in his blood

“I feel like it’s something maybe God put on my heart to do.”, Eddie Randolph, Be Remarkable Winner.

“My Grandpa did it, my daddy did it, I tell everyone this is my inheritance”

But this sort of inheritance doesn’t pay monetarily.

How much does Eddie get paid for this?

“Eddie gets paid our appreciation – it’s an unpaid position but he does such a spectacular job.”, Brenda Sawyer, Nominator

All jokes aside, although it’s an unpaid position, it’s essential – and the community knows his worth – during these tough times

“We all have family members there, so it’s important to us that it’s maintained- but it’s also important for the community because they have to have someone they can depend on – especially in a pandemic situation.”

For his remarkable work in the community, the folks from Troy and the powers that be at Daniel Stark wanted to surprise Danny with a Texas sized thank you – one part shock another part financial.

The Be Remarkable Program was setup for people in community who do remarkable things. As part of the program – you get this check for $500″, Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

Eddie says the money is sure to help – but the folks in Troy say his contributions are priceless.

“There’s not even a figure you can put on it, because he’s just an integral part.”, Brenda Sawyer

Do you know a remarkable person who fits this honor? A selfless member of our community who dedicates their time and energy to help others?

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