Classroom Champions: Bruceville-Eddy’s Trapper Ensor

Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 1:32 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Trapper Ensor has found success in football, basketball, and now track & field at Bruceville-Eddy.

He is known for his competitive nature, but, somehow, he always seems to stay even-keeled on the field, and that temperament has made him a good leader.

His football coach, Jeff Nuner, tells me, “He doesn’t really jump on his teammates or anything, but through his demeanor and actions, they follow him.”

Trapper adds, “I’m quiet, but I’m honest. If I see you doing something wrong, I’ll just bash you for it. But I’m not going to yell at a guy in the weight room. That’s not the way I roll. I just do my stuff, he sees me do my stuff, and hopefully he feels bad not doing his.”

This approach has helped Trapper push his teammates to work harder, making them better.

Coach Nuner says, “I think they all look up to him, especially the younger guys. I think they aspire to be Trapper.”

To be like Trapper, you need to have a ruthless will to win in everything you do, whether that’s in athletics or academics.

Trapper explains, “Everything is a competition. You make a 96, I make a 98. And on the stock market it’s the same thing. You make a great deal? Mine is better.”

Yes, you read that right. As a senior in high school, Trapper is already interested in investments, and he already has a few years of experience doing it.

Trapper laughs, “I love the stock market. At the beginning I stole my mom’s social security card to get into the stock market because I wasn’t old enough.”

Trapper plans to major in Finance at Mary Hardin-Baylor, where he will also play on the football team.

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