Local non-profit helps kids become better basketball players, while teaching them to be good people

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 10:10 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A local non-profit called ‘Destined for Greatness’ teaches kids basketball skills, along with life skills.

‘Destined for Greatness’ was started by Darryl McCoy who says he’s following God’s will by helping develop kids in central Texas into great athletes – and even better people - through hard work and faith.

Coach McCoy tells me, “I don’t force my religion on anyone, but if you see what God did with my life. A kid coming out of poverty and inspiring people every day. If He did it for me, He can do it for you. So, no matter what you have experienced in the past, your future is bright.”

McCoy grew up in Mississippi and had an unstable childhood. He was raised by a single mother in a three-bedroom house that was packed with over 30 people.

Though it was difficult, he says God chose that path for him so he can help underprivileged kids today.

McCoy explains, “I wouldn’t know what to do with those kids if I didn’t actually experience it myself. I use that and my testimony to let them know that tough times don’t always last, but tough people do. That’s a quote we live by.”

The coaches serve as role models for the kids they mentor, creating an environment in which they all lift each other up.

Yolanda Walker, whose 16-year-old daughter is coached by McCoy, says, “They are like coaches, they are like dads, they are like big brothers. They are like, ‘these are my kids, I am going to take care of them’.”

Elijah Stephens, who was a star for China Spring and will soon be playing D1 basketball for American University, says ‘Destined for Greatness’, “Is a special environment because it is like a family. They love you and they want you to be great, so they push you to reach your highest potential.”

One of the biggest focuses for McCoy – instilling confidence in the kids that will stay with them off the basketball court.

Walker says, “Just like the name, ‘Destined for Greatness’. My daughter believes that she’s destined for greatness, and I love that.”

‘Destined for Greatness’ has helped develop a number of star players, while serving as an opportunity for kids to escape any negative things going on in their lives.

“I tell these kids, sometimes you need to find that hobby to ease your mind. Still today, when I have a lot going on, I will come here and put-up shots or dribble a ball just to clear my head,” admits McCoy.

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