Twin sisters lead the way for local softball team

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 12:07 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Caroline and Jenna Rowatt are twins, but the two Midway seniors couldn’t be more different.

In fact, one of the only things they have in common is their love of softball - a passion they almost didn’t find.

Caroline remembers, “Our dad signed us up for softball tryouts without telling us and we were so mad, but once we started playing, we fell in love with the game.”

Jenna adds, “I remember showing up for Little League tryouts and I was like, ‘I don’t really want to be here’, but I gave it a go and ended up loving it.”

After that first day, it didn’t take long for Caroline and Jenna to start excelling.

Their mother, Tamara Lawrence, tells me, “I kind of feel like right away, even when they were eight or nine years old, they had a significant amount of athleticism.”

The twins were inseparable, constantly practicing and pushing each other to be better.

Despite all the hours spent together, they couldn’t be more different on and off the diamond, and you would never guess they’re related.

Their head coach, Jordan Williams, says, “Not at all. Nope. Personality wise, I think they are total opposites. And they don’t look alike to me, whatsoever, so no, I don’t think you would say ‘oh, those two are twins’.”

The difference in skillsets and leadership styles has made Caroline and Jenna a lethal combination.

“They definitely complement each other on the field. One is like lightning, the other is like thunder. Caroline is super speedy, Jenna is more powerful,” explains their father, Wade Rowatt.

The combo will be staying together after their time at Midway is up, they will be living their lifelong dream of playing college softball together at Baylor.

Caroline says, “It has always been the goal, as a young softball player, to play in college. The fact that we get to stay so close to home is really good.”

Their parents excited the girls are staying close, and since both parents work for Baylor, it will be extra special seeing their daughters dawn the Green and Gold. That said, perhaps no one is more excited than their head coach, who also played at Baylor.

Coach Williams laughs, “I’m selfish, so I love it. I get as many sic ‘ems in at practice as I can. Our Director of Operations plays the ‘Good Ol’ Baylor Line’ constantly.”

The girls have decided not to be roommates next year – saying they need at least a little separation. And they already know whose dorm room will be kept cleaner.

Jenna chuckles, “Oh, definitely me. No question.”

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