Jarrell ISD calls for $113.4 million bond election to address projected growth

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 10:22 PM CDT
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JARRELL, Texas (KWTX) - Early voting in the municipal elections is underway in Texas.

Many school districts are calling for votes on bond issues, one being Jarrell ISD and calling for a $113,370,000 bond.

Superintendent Toni Hicks says reports showed is a concern of overcrowding for the schools with the current facilities.

“This current year, we have added over 258 students which is an 11 percent increase this year during a pandemic,” Hicks said.

“Those are double-digit growth years during a pandemic. What it looks like in the next three years are 1,352 students.”

So the Jarrell ISD Board of Trustees called for the bond including “Proposition A” which would help build a new elementary school for 800 students and a full 12 additional classrooms for both the middle school and high school.

“Proposition B” would make stadium improvements like more seating and improvements for accessibility and ADA compliance.

Hicks says all of this and not a penny more in property taxes.

“It’s called debt service and that’s how we build schools,” Hicks said.

“The maximum allowed by law in I&S is $0.50 and as you can see, we are already at $0.50, so what that means for taxpayers is that this will not increase the district’s tax rate.”

The district says it’s also covering the costs by paying off old bonds early, saving the district $4.7 million by refinancing.

Voters will still see a statement on the ballot that says, “This is a property tax increase”. It is required by law to be included on all bond propositions but Hicks says she can assure you will not see an increase.

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