Local team’s number-one ranking reflects a culture of work ethic and discipline

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 11:57 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Troy baseball’s ascent to the top of class 3A shows a successful culture that goes well beyond the 28-win season the team just put together.

This is Head Coach Steve Sebesta’s 17th year leading the program, and though they just wrapped up one of the best regular season’s in school history, his team is not satisfied just yet.

Coach Sebesta explains, “We don’t let up. Our practices right now are just like they were the first week of practice, and they know that.”

Coach Sebesta has built a culture rooted in work ethic and discipline over the span of nearly two decades at the helm, leaving an impact on all his players.

Senior pitcher Hagen Rose says, “I think he is a really detailed coach. He sees the finer things of baseball, and he really doesn’t let you slip with anything.”

Fellow senior, Zach Hrbacek adds, “He is definitely a perfectionist. If you don’t do it right, you are going to go back and do it until you get it right, or you won’t leave.”

Coach Sebesta is among the winningest coaches in all of Class 3A, but he says he wouldn’t have been able to get this program to where it is today without trust and support around him.

“I think that is the first thing you have to have when you’re successful. You have to have a great community. This is a great baseball town. I think, being here for 17 years, people look at Troy as a baseball town. We have great parents and a great community to support us,” says Sebesta.

Troy made it to the state title game under Sebesta in 2014, but this year’s team seems to be even better than that – and it starts with the seniors who bought-in as Freshman a few years ago.

“They have set themselves apart. Their work ethic is exactly where we want it. They’re meeting our expectation, which is hard to do. I can’t say enough about our senior group,” Sebesta says about his seniors.

Sebesta also said this group’s goals align with his – meaning anything less than a deep tournament run is a letdown. Including a 28-1 regular season record.

Tanner Creel, a senior pitcher, explains, “It doesn’t matter how many wins you have if you can’t finish it.”

Rose agrees, “The wins don’t really mean anything. It’s all about the playoffs. That’s when it really means something to us.”

Troy will start its playoff run this week.

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