Volunteer group shows up to rescue dozens more dogs from a Central Texas home

Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 6:29 PM CDT
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WHITNEY, Texas (KWTX)-- A volunteer group called Cribs for Canines has started a multi-day mission to rescue dozens of dogs from a house in Whitney.

The homeowner, Linda Kennemore, says she has been rescuing dogs for about 30 years.

She says people knew of her love of dogs and sometimes dumped their unwanted dogs in her yard.

She said normally she takes care of the animals and feeds them and even has names for all of them.

But when she got sick last year, caring for the animals became more of a chore.

She said she called the county for help in January 2020 but because of COVID-19 restrictions she didn’t receive it until April 12, when a group from the Humane Society of North Texas showed up.

By then, Kennemore said, the dogs had mated with each other and had quadrupled in number.

The humane society, which said its workers found dogs living on top of a pile of feces in the house, later said in a Facebook post that all the dogs were safe.

But local animal rescue organizations and the Hill County Sheriff’s Office confirmed more than 50 dogs were left behind in need of homes and medical care.

Cribs for Canines is now stepping in to complete the rescue.

The group arrived at the home Thursday with food and dozens of dog crates.

Workers had to trap some of the dogs in order to get the animals to shelters.

While the group has partnered with multiple shelters as far away as Chicago, most of the dogs are going to the APAC shelter in Temple.

Michelle Ann of Cribs for Canines said the group also partnered with the Whitney Pet Clinic where a veterinarian has offered to provide free health checkups and treatment for the animals.

The APAC shelter has also now volunteered to be a point of contact to pick up any more dogs that are dumped in Kennemore’s yard.

Kennemore said she received death threats online and in person after word got out about the dozens of dogs in her home.

“They drive by and they flip me the bird and they honk at me,” Kennemore said.

“But they don’t understand. I had no recourse. And it’s not an excuse but I wanted to help all these animals and if I had gotten help when I called in January 2020 things would have turned out differently.”

Kennemore’s house, which she shares with her sister, is not livable.

The two women are now living in a camper in the yard.

Cribs for Canines is asking anyone who can help with plumbing or putting up a fence or renovating any part of the house to reach out to the group on Facebook or email

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