13-year-old arrested after bringing gun to Caldwell High School

Another student helped authorities detain the student who was attempting to exit the school building.
Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 12:21 PM CDT
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CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) - A 13-year-old Caldwell Junior High student is under arrest for taking a loaded handgun to school Monday.

According to the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office, the student is currently being charged with carrying a weapon in a place where they are prohibited. Officials said additional charges are pending.

Monday morning, school officials and the school resource deputy were told a student brought a handgun on campus.

“A student was approached in the bathroom by another student and he showed him a handgun,” said Caldwell ISD Superintendent Andy Peters.

The student was located on school property, said the sheriff’s office. According to officials, the student was being escorted back to the office when he broke away and took off running. The sheriff’s office said another student grabbed the armed student before he could reach the door.

The school went into a safety hold until the situation was handled.

“It’s not a total lockdown but much like a lockdown where everyone stays in the classrooms,” said Peters.

Eighth-grader Hailey Botkin says they all stayed in the classroom for a few hours but made sure to let her mom know she was safe.

“We turned off the lights, locked the doors, and got down, made sure nothing would happen,” said Botkin. “I told her I was okay and that I loved her. I just didn’t know what to think.”

A message was sent out to parents letting them know what was happening. Caldwell ISD parent Gabriel Lopez says he was glad his son was home sick today. He adds that something like this happening in Caldwell was not expected.

“It is pretty scary because I know my kid goes to school and there are people out there that do stuff like that,” said Lopez.

The school resource deputy pulled a 9mm pistol from the student’s waistband, according to the sheriff’s office. The gun was loaded, but there was no bullet in the chamber.

Peters says he is glad the school and authorities jumped quickly into action.

“You always have to wonder about the what-ifs,” said Peters. “Was there anyone else involved, and so we have to go through and investigate.”

After a preliminary investigation, officials said they returned the campus to normal operations.

The student was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention facility. The Sheriff’s Office says they are looking into the student’s social media and home life to figure out if anyone else is involved and a motive.

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