Local high school athletes get a taste of football season

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 10:36 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - After COVID canceled it last year, Spring high school football training camp is back in central Texas!

Student athletes at Temple and Midway high schools are strapping on the helmets and pads and competing with their teammates, but the main focus of Spring is to learn.

Midway’s head coach, Jeff Hulme, explains, “The great thing about Spring Ball is that we don’t have to go as fast. We aren’t preparing for anybody, so we can slow down a little bit.”

As the team gets a chance to learn the playbook, the coaches are getting a chance to learn their personnel, and build their lineups for Fall.

Temple’s head coach, Scott Stewart, “I want to evaluate everybody on this field. To me, Spring is an open door. I tell the kids everyday, ‘There is no Varsity or JV right now’.”

Coach Hulme similarly said, “It is a jigsaw puzzle. We are trying to find some pieces here and there. We have some pieces left over from last year, and now we are trying to find the pieces from the under classmen to see where they fit.”

“Spring Ball” also gives the players a chance to see how all the hard work in the weight room is paying off – physically and mentally.

“Yeah, you’re going to hit harder, but there is also a confidence that comes with it. There is something about developing physically as a young man,” explains Stewart.

Coach Hulme also said the confidence increases, adding, “When they get on the field, they can take what they did in that weight room, get out here, and elevate their game.”

Spring camp is also a time when the team grows closer and builds camaraderie, and intersquad scrimmages give players a fun reward for all the hard work they’ve put in so far.

Hulme admits, “When you’re in that offseason it becomes a grind after a little while. We are still lifting, still watching film, but this gives them something different to do.”

In Temple, Spring Ball is also a reward for the fans, who are invited to watch practice and get a taste of what to expect from their Wildcats next season.

Stewart proudly says, “I’ll tell you what, there won’t be a more supportive community in America come Friday nights than this group, so, if they want to be a part of this, we encourage them to be a part of it – and a lot of people take advantage of that.”

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