Military to launch new Tenant Bill of Rights for on-post housing

Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 8:27 PM CDT
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FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) - From mold, water erosion and issues getting repairs, these problems are what the Defense Department’s Tenant Bill of Rights are hoping to resolve when it launches on June 1.

Army Wife Kary Mesack says she had no choice but to take legal action, but believes this could prevent that for others in the future.

“It definitely sparks a little bit of hope, but there’s still many, many questions,” she said.

“I had mold in one of my pantries and when I informed them of the mold, they said there was no mold and just dust. The just painted over it. That’s all I heard from them and they left.”

The Bill of Rights creates a new process for resolving disputes between landlords and their tenant, gives each tenant access to a seven year history of maintenance at the home, the ability for tenants to withhold their bah payments during disputes and more.

Some legal experts think this was the right move for the army to make so private contractors like Lendlease can be held accountable...

“There may be a hindrance to be willing to file a complaint because you know it’s gonna go nowhere or take forever,” said Lucas Loafman from Texas A&M Central Texas.

“So, the easier you can make these dispute resolution processes, the better off they’re going to be here.”

A smoother process for military families, though Mesack says she’s skeptical.

“If BAH is immediately gonna be taken out by lendlease, are we going to have access to withhold it when there’s problems without the fear of retaliation or criticism.”

More information on the Tenant Bill of Rights can be found on the Department of Defense’s website.

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