3rd Cavalry Association remembers Operation Desert Storm

Updated: May. 22, 2021 at 8:53 PM CDT
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - 30 years after Operation Desert Storm began, the 3rd Cavalry Association honored those soldiers with a dinner at the Shilo Inn in Killeen on Saturday evening.

The dinner marked the end of brave rifles week, a celebration of the 175th anniversary of the unit.

“Time goes by really fast and it never seemed like 30 years ago,” said Veteran Sean Ryan.

“It’s just like high school, it seems like yesterday.

The start of Operation Desert Storm when American troops pushed back on Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait is something that still strikes memories with veterans today. Looking back 30 years later, what do members of 3rd CAV remember most about the conflict?

“The vastness of nothing,” said Kevin Dasing.

“It was so much of the same old sights and it was amazing how we went across the desert and still find the enemy.”

During the dinner, many of the veterans were able to meet up with old comrades and share memories, lessons learned and stories with active duty soldiers.

“I saw enemy action before anybody else did,” said Dasing.

“So leadership wasn’t much, it was always behind me. But what always persevered was the people getting up and doing what they needed to do. There was no sitting behind, let this guy do it before somebody else does it.”

While many of the veterans were happy to be honored, they were most grateful to see their brothers in arms again.

“Seeing people I haven’t seen for 30 years and seeing my commander that was with me there, it’s great to see them,” Ryan said.

“It was great to just sit with him and reflect on the lessons learned and what we did and see the comradery or spirit that 3rd Cav still has.”

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