Flooding for farmers brings a multitude of problems in Central Texas

Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 6:34 PM CDT
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HILLSBORO, Texas (KWTX) - The continued rain across Central Texas is more than a nuisance for area farmers as it creates problems now that will have an impact for some time.

Rodney Schronk says his family farm is facing a wide range of issues for their cotton, corn, sunflowers, and wheat.

“We are way behind in work, the crops are all way behind in maturity, we are watching a wonderful wheat crop slowly deteriorate,” Schronk said.

Schronk says his cotton seed was planted late then rotted and needs to be replanted.

The corn is facing “denitrification” as the nitrogen needed to grow turns to gas.

“The corn starts to turn yellow at the bottom and basically cannibalize itself, eating itself from the bottom up,” Schronk said.

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking impacts of the excess rain is that on wheat, a crop that has had a good year but they can’t get it out of the ground as the fields go to mush.

“The quality goes down, the protein goes down, and they to begin to spend more money to mix that together,” Schronk said.

And if they try to get out and harvest what they can, the field ends up damaged which creates long-term headaches for the farmer.

What this all means is farmers are spending more money to grow and harvest.

“That’s money we lose out of our family that we have to replenish in the years to come,” Shrink said.

Also, manufacturers are having to spend more ensure quality and ship additional resources from other places.

“If you and I were dependent upon what we were growing here locally for our food supply this year, we would be in a real tough mess,” Schronk said.

So the consumer will have to offset the costs by paying more.

Schronk says we need some dryer weather to help them get back to work, but he hopes to avoid a sudden drought as this could cause serious damage to crops too.

He says the plants haven’t been able to properly develop during the flooding to have a root system to reach deeper soil levels for moisture. Farmers are in need conditions somewhere in between dought and storms.

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