Local brothers team up to win state title

Updated: Jun. 6, 2021 at 11:17 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Samuel and Jonathan Golovin recently took home the gold medal in state tennis doubles for Academy.

You would assume, since they are brothers, they probably have years of experience teaming up together, but before this season they only played as a duo once, and it didn’t go so well.

Samuel, who is the older of the two, tells me, “We played a tournament in Austin. We played against some good people, but it was our first tournament together ever. We were not coordinated at all, we kept getting in each other’s way. It just wasn’t working out.”

Heading into this season, Jonathan felt like he and his younger brother Daniel could do some damage as a pair, but when his older brother Sam needed a partner, Jonathan answered the call.

“They may have won, but since I am a senior, I have hierarchy, so we pushed Daniel down to mixed doubles. Sorry Daniel!” laughs Sam.

The brothers all started playing tennis together with their family when they moved to Texas, but they didn’t take it seriously until Sam started to show some promise.

Sam remembers, “I had a quick progression. I thought, ‘I am seeing progress, this is amazing’ and that is when I really started to enjoy tennis.”

That also made Jonathan decide to go all-in.

Jonathan explains, “At first I just did it because it was a family thing, but once I saw him getting better, I decided to start competing against him.”

That competitive spirit continues to this day, as the brothers often spend their free time playing epic matches.

Samuel says, “In my head I am like, ‘okay, I just need to last until he collapses.’ In his head it’s like ‘I need to last until he collapses.’ We are both going at it so exhausted and we don’t want to give up.”

Jonathan adds, “Sometimes, even tears are shed because someone won’t quit, or you just aren’t playing well.”

When they aren’t competing, the brothers are all best friends.

They have to be, since the three of them share a room!

Jonathan says, “At times, it is a little bit challenging... but in the end we just play videogames and calm down.”

Sam’s time at Academy is up, but you can still expect to see a pair of Golovins looking to defend the family’s title next year.

Jonathan, who will be a senior, says, “With [my younger brother] Daniel, I have a lot of faith in him. He can go somewhere big. Together we will win state again, I promise that.”

Sam will be playing tennis for UMHB next year, but he assured me - he will also be the loudest fan when his younger brothers pair up next season.

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