More critters on the move in Central Texas following the rain

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 6:42 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -Rainy conditions can often bring out more animals, amphibians, and insects.

“With the excess rain, animals may have their homes flooded out so that could be true of snakes and other animals or even ants,” Waco Park Ranger Kim Jennings said.

Frogs and snakes are two of the most common things you may see more of as you head outdoors. You never know where something may pop up.

“You may even find them more often in your home or in your kitchen,” Jennings said.

“They are just looking for a dry place to get out of the weather.”

But if you do find yourself face to face with a critter, it’s important to know how to react.

“Don’t tease them, don’t poke them with a stick, don’t try and jump over them,” Jennings said:

Jennings says it’s alright to observe from afar, but try not to disrupt them.

“They are here and they are part of the ecosystem,” Jennings said.

The most commonly seen venomous snake in our area is the broadband copperhead, but typically you will non-venomous like rat snakes, yellowbelly racers, or a diamondback water snake.

“Just turn around and go another way,” Jennings said.

“Don’t try to move them, don’t try to pick them up”

If you do find a snake or other animal has made its way into your home, it is best to call a professional so that you and the animal stay safe.

And don’t forget something we will be seeing more of are insects.

Mosquitoes are at the top of many people’s minds. Do your part by emptying out and standing water in your yard to cut down on breeding grounds for these pests.

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