Digital seats installed at BU’s McLane Stadium, Ferrell Center

New technology will provide instant fan engagement at Baylor games & events
Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 10:18 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A piece of technology that debuted at the 2020 College Football National Championship will soon be available in Waco.

Digital seats, which offer instant engagement for fans at events, are being installed at two of Baylor University’s largest venues.

“We’re installing digital seat tags on armrests and bleachers at the Ferrell Center and McLane Stadium so fans can engage at football games and other live events,” said Cameron Fowler, CEO of Digital Seat Media.

Wednesday marked day one of the two-day install at McLane Stadium where 43,000 digital seat tags are being hand-fitted onto bleachers and armrests.

”Each armrest or bleacher will have a tag that has a unique QR code that is unique to that seat,” said Fowler.

Fowler says using the codes is easy and non-disruptive.

“It’s made to work in low-bandwidth environments where you don’t have to have WiFi,” said Fowler. “You can have limited cell phone signals and still have an engaging experience.”

An experience he says is unique and can be tailored to sections and even seat-by-seat.

“It makes it seamless so that fans can engage without having to download an app for the phone, but also for sponsors and brands, we can target content down to the individual seat,” said Fowler. “We’re not having to send a message to everybody in the stadium, if we have a brand or even the school wants to talk to just the student section, then digital seat allows them to do that.”

He says, come football season, Baylor fans will be able to access live stats, player rosters, enter to win giveaways and more.

They’ll even be able to use Baylor-themed social media filters.

“Or you might do votes, vote for your favorite player of the game, vote for the halftime song that everybody wants to sing for karaoke at halftime, we have schools that are getting really creative,” said Fowler.

And it’s a cost-savings for the schools, he says

“It’s a huge cost savings for the school , especially from a digital gameday perspective, the game programs, also the sponsorship-side,” said Fowler. “Having to physically print things and hand them out, with digital seats they don’t have to do that now, now they can just throw it up on the jumbotron and say ‘hey, scan your digital seat tag for information on blank’, even things like season ticket sign ups, its allowing them a lot more traction to engage with those fans that are sitting there inside the venue.”

In the future, it may be possible for Baylor to add features such as food ordering and crime reporting.

Fowler says 2020 was supposed to be the breakthrough year for the Fort Worth-based company, however, COVID-19 slowed them down.

There was a positive thing to come out of the pandemic for the company, though, he said.

“The pandemic definitely helped us--QR codes,” said Fowler. “With the resurgence of them, everybody knows how to use them now.”

Fowler says they’re stepping on the gas in 2021 and Digital Seat Media tags will be installed in about 50 stadiums by the end of the year.

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