Central Texas police department working with recruiter to fill roles

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 6:16 AM CDT
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - Businesses around Central Texas and the country are struggling to hire workers, and turns out, the Temple Police Department isn’t immune.

Currently, the department has 17 openings and Chief Shawn Reynolds said traditional ways of hiring officers aren’t working, so it’s looking to other methods.

Over the next year, the department will work with Epic Recruiting to fill their ranks. City council recently approved the contract, and Chief Reynolds said the company has already started work.

Epic Recruiting will help create a website and videos to highlight the department. Reynolds said those can help highlight the city as well.

“We just have the opportunity to do something really unique,” Reynolds said. “It won’t just highlight the police department, it will actually highlight the city of Temple, you know a place where we want everyone to call home.”

Chief Reynolds said he hopes working with the company will get all of their vacancies filled. Depending on how much training an applicant has, Reynolds said it can take more than a year to go through the hiring process. He added the vacancies affect the department in almost every way, and they’ve had to move officers around at time to make sure all their needs are covered.

He said the public perception of law enforcement may prevent people from applying who normally would, but that’s not the only issue.

“Some folks who would traditionally have been drawn to this occupation, might be less inclined to do so,” Reynolds said. “I think compensation also has to be part of that. Compensation in law enforcement can be challenging at times to keep up with a competitive marketplace.”

Reynolds said fortunately, the city is working with city council to make some improvements in that area.

If people are interested in applying to be a police officer, they can contact Chief Reynolds at 254-298-5552, or the department’s recruiter, Jonathan McGinley at 254-298-5538 or

Chief Reynolds said he’s really looking for good people with good character who want to be servant leaders in the community, and he can train them to be police officers.

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