Central Texas sports club provides stability, confidence for area youth

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 11:16 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A new central Texas sports club is helping instill confidence in area youth.

The Hillsboro Boxing club started as a small group of kids learning to box, but now that group has partnered with the Hillsboro Boys and Girls club to provide some stability, and, of course, some fun to the kids in the community.

Club founder Justin Derington explains the idea behind the club, “I think the two things that really played an impact in my life are my mom, I have an amazing mom, and having men in the community that took time to look out for me and teach my basketball and different things, and help me out. I figure, if I can do the same thing, why not?”

Justin knows firsthand the impact sports can have in a child’s life, so, he decided to start the Hillsboro Boxing Club as a creative way for kids in the community to get a break from day-to-day life.

“It gives them something to do. If gives them something to work on and look forward to that is not the norm.”

The kids love the training and pushing themselves to be better, without even realizing the positive impact the club is having outside of the gym.

“They get discipline, they get health, the mind gets more clear, and they can take out their stress. Kids have a lot of stress to deal with between social media and school, so why not come in here and beat up on my hands?”

Justin loves seeing the kids improve their craft, but he knows the long-term goal has nothing to do with boxing.

“I want the men to be great fathers, great husbands, good sons. I want the women to be everything they can be, and just have confidence.”

The way Justin sees it, confidence is the most important thing his club can provide, and he has already seen it transform some of the kids he coaches.

“Each week it gets a little better. The bounce gets a little more. The smile gets bigger. The punches get harder. They are turning into men. The women are turning into confident women. Confidence is the first thing – when you go out in the world you have to have confidence, and everything else follows behind.”

Justin says he is grateful for all the men in his neighborhood that are trying to help raise the community by starting with the youth, and he hopes his club will continue to grow.

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