Country superstar pops into Central Texas hatmaker’s pop-up shop

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 4:12 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Celebrities discovered Waco’s 112-year-old Standard Hat Works at about the same time the company was transforming itself into one of the premiere hatmakers in the country and now Standard is taking its hats to the celebrities.

The company has opened a pop-up shop inside the equally venerable H Bar C Ranchwear store in Nashville, Tenn., and one of the first customers was the most awarded artist in Academy of Country Music history, Miranda Lambert.

Cameron Morris of Waco, who bought Standard in 2013, was in Nashville to help get shop up and running when Lambert, who had heard about his hats from her friend, Waco native Wade Bowen, came in to check out the inventory.

“That was pretty exciting,” Morris said.

“We got her fixed up with some new hats and hopefully we’ll see them out and about soon.”

Morris didn’t have to wait long.

Lambert took to her 4 million plus fans on social media, posting a picture that shows her and Morris standing beside a stack of boxes of custom-made hats.

“When you just can’t decide which hat, you just take them all home!” Lambert wrote.

She went on to say “Just spent the most awesome morning with my new friend from Texas. Think I found my new stage vibe! Thank you for making my cowgirl dreams come true today!”

Standard Hat Works owner Cameron Morris was caught by surprise when Miranda Lambert popped into...
Standard Hat Works owner Cameron Morris was caught by surprise when Miranda Lambert popped into his Nashville pop-up.(Courtesy photo)

Morris’ dreams have come true, too.

He purchased Standard Hat Works after spending years in the construction industry and set about learning the business of making hats.

“I dreamed of being an entrepreneur yes, but I didn’t grow up wanting to be a hatmaker, so this is kind of new to me, too but it’s something I really have a passion for and developed a passion for,” Morris said.

The Midway High School graduate’s passion is translating into lots of sales.

Country musicians around the country wear his hats, including members of the popular band Midland and Waco’s Wade Bowen.

But it’s not just performers and men who are buying the hats.

“Honestly within the past couple of years business has grown tremendously and I think a lot of that has to be contributed with woman wearing hats,” Morris said.

“We’re starting to see a lot more women out there supporting hats and so I think that’s increased demand a lot.”

While cowboy hats remain a staple, Morris is always looking for different styles that appeal to different customers.

“Not just cowboy hats, we’re making a lot more dress hats, casual hats, stuff like that,’ he said.

“I just think people like it as an accessory and are getting more confident seeing that that you don’t have to wear boots and spurs and ride a horse every day to wear a hat. "

Morris will continue to spend most of his time working at the Waco store on North New Road but will travel back and forth to Nashville to check on the new shop.

He hopes to one day have his own storefront in Music City while continuing with his successful business in the heart of Texas.

“We’re really excited for the future. We think the hats are here to stay at least for a while.”

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