If UT, OU fly the coop, Baylor will feel the impact, Central Texas economist says

Texas and Oklahoma have taken a first step toward a move to the Southeastern Conference, and if...
Texas and Oklahoma have taken a first step toward a move to the Southeastern Conference, and if they leave the Big 12, Baylor will feel the impact, a Central Texas economist says.(Baylor Football)
Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 7:03 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Oklahoma and Texas have sent out a joint statement in which they said they’ve notified the Big 12 they won’t be renewing an agreement that binds conference members through 2025 and if they ultimately leave for the Southeastern Conference, Baylor will feel the impact, Central Texas economist Ray Perryman said Monday.

College football and college athletics in general are going through a huge revolution right now,” Perryman said, including a change in NCAA policy that allows college athletes to earn money from their image and likeness.

“With players being paid, there’s going to be a lot of dynamic changes, rule changing, and reshuffling over the next few years,” he said.

Perryman says if Oklahoma and Texas make the move it will impact Baylor economically no matter what.

“Athletics helps in student recruitment, it helps in faculty recruitment, alumni engagement,” Perryman said.

Meanwhile Perryman says it’ll be interesting to see if multiple conferences come knocking at Baylor’s door, or if Baylor must set out to find a conference to join.

“Baylor surely has had great athletic success in the last few years that would argue for it,” Perryman said.

“Baylor is the only school of that level that doesn’t fully recognize the entire student body equally which will probably be a negative to some of these conferences.”

Perryman he says he knows it’s a controversial topic with Baylor but thinks it may become a factor.

Baylor alum Patrick Casady spent last week in denial about the move.

Now he’s just as annoyed.

“I’m not too mad at Oklahoma, because they are good at sports, the money-making sports, but the University of Texas, they think they are so high and mighty,” Casady said.

“It’ll be 20, 25 years before the University of Texas wins an SEC title in football,” he said.

He says the two schools clearly didn’t think of the repercussions the rest of the schools in the Big 12 could face in the years to come as a result of their departure.

Casady graduated in 2020 and says athletics are a big reason he came to Waco in the first place.

“I’m from Connecticut and the reason I came to Baylor was for the sports,” Casady said.

He doesn’t want Baylor to sit around and hope the Big 12 figures things out.

“I think we should leave for another conference, personally I think we would fit in well in the PAC 12 and we already have football games scheduled against some of those teams,” Casady said.

Casady says he sees how it could make things difficult too.

“Not all the values exactly line up, there are two completely different cultures [between Baylor and PAC 12 schools]”, Casady said.

The PAC 12 wouldn’t confirm with KWTX if it is talks with Baylor, but said it doesn’t have a written rule against religious schools joining its conference.

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